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The first fully automated bricklaying robots available
Article Source:Science Daily Update Time:2015-8-14

"Hadrian" an hour to build thousands of bricks, if you are working 24 hours a day, and within two days, laying a house.

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The robot can bricklaying is not news, but will be fully automated bricklaying robot will become the focus of attention. Engineers Australia Mark Pivac invented a called "Hadrian" robot bricklayer, an hour can be build thousands of bricks, If one day 24 hours of continuous work, two days can be laying good house, a year to 150 houses are built. Evaluation of the industry, this is the first fully automated bricklaying robot


Pivac is an aeronautical and mechanical engineer. His father was a mining engineer, so Pivac has a variety of measuring instruments since the age of growth, have access to some great high-tech, highly advanced production methods, as well as a lot of complex systems.


In Pivac computer controlled mechanical field work said invented the robot inspiration began in 2005 Perth real estate company bricklayers shortage crisis. As one of the earth wage the highest in the country, Australia bricklayer salary can easily reach $7 million salary, but even so highly paid, still no one is willing to engaged in this manual labor, often appear bricklayer crisis. Then Piwaci spent 10 years, cost $700 million invented a "Hadrian", now, use it only in two days, you can buid a house.


The history of the use of brick has been made about 6,000 years. Since the industrial revolution, people have been trying to invent tools can automatically block. The masons need 4-6 weeks to build up a brick wall of the new house, and thanks to the science and technology, the robot behave quite differently, impressive deeply. It works perfectly by itself. The automation of bricklaying technology innovation to speed up the speed of construction, reduces the construction costs.


How does this robot craftsman work? According to physicist organizational networks reported, using three-dimensional computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) calculation of the house structure to work efficiently. After using 3D to scan the surrounding environment, it can accurately calculate where to place the bricks, and whether it needs to cut bricks. It uses a 28-meter articulated telescopic boom as the "hand", can pick up the bricks, put down the orderly rows of code brick. During the period can be used to pressure out of mortar or adhesive coated on the front of the brick. measuring, scanning the quality of brick, even if the bricks need to cut, reserve a location for water pipes and other facilities, it can be completed by their own, the whole process does not need human “intervention".


This machine does not need rest, can work 365 days a year, you can package projects a lot of “dirty work”and reduce manpower difficulties. Pivac said this invention did not knowingly take the brick jobs just want to improve the process of building a house, and believes the program will attract more young people to enter this field.


According to reports, the invention of the computer craftsmen, has been gained government subsidies and related industries, such as brick and tile factory, clay and concrete production company vigorously support. The research team is expected to future commercial deployment will first in Western Australia input commercial operation, and popularize in the country, and then extended to the world.

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