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2017 annual meeting of China intelligent manufacturing hundred
Article Source:China Electronics News Update Time:2017-2-15

align="left"> In order to accelerate the construction of manufacturing power, to better implement the "2025 policies" China manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to promote the manufacturing industry and the Internet depth of integration and development, promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, January 6, 2017, Chinese 100 and 100 intelligent manufacturing manufacturing "Chinese information" magazine co sponsored by China intelligent "years and the intelligent manufacturing demonstration cultivate 30 Summit Forum" was held in Beijing hotel.


The National Committee, the construction of manufacturing Power Strategy Advisory Committee Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Bohu, manufacturing research professor Dong Jingchen national intelligent manufacturing standardization expert advisory group deputy leader, China Academy of engineering, Dean, editor in chief of the Ministry of Electronic Industry Press and Huaxin Institute of intelligent manufacturing Chinese 100 chairman Liu Jiuru, director of Expert Committee of Tsinghua University professor Fan Yushun attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


Li Bohu did the topic of the wisdom of the big data cloud manufacturing technology research, application exploration and practice, the theme of the report. Li Bohu pointed out that China's manufacturing industry is facing the global new technological revolution and the industrial revolution challenges: the integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and the rapid development of manufacturing industry and the depth, is causing development concept, manufacturing mode, manufacturing method, technical system, value chain and major changes; Chinese manufacturing industry is big and not strong, is facing from the lower end of the value chain to high-end, from a big manufacturing country to a powerful one, from China manufacturing to China create a critical period of transformation; the development trend of the international manufacturing industry and the competition facing a major adjustment; China's economic development and national security put forward higher requirements on the development of the manufacturing industry.


In this context, the development of technology and application in the field of manufacturing related at home and abroad, the related technology of informationization of manufacturing industry in China based on the academician Li Bohu led the team in 2009 put forward the concept of cloud manufacturing, in 2012 proposed a practical wisdom cloud. The so-called wisdom cloud manufacturing, is a kind of new model and new means based on ubiquitous in the network, human centered, interconnected, service-oriented, personalized, social wisdom. Academician Li Bohu to share based on the wisdom of cloud manufacturing in the field of big data related technology research, application exploration and practice.


Dong Jingchen pointed out that the manufacture of "13th Five-Year" development plan in 2017 and focus in the interpretation of intelligence, intelligent manufacturing development plan released by the Ministry of industry "(2016-2020)", marking the intelligent manufacturing officially rose to national strategic level, to promote our country manufacturing industry supply side structural reforms, to create new competitive advantages, manufacturing to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry has important significance. Professor Dong Jingchen believes that in 2017 the focus of the work of the ten major tasks need to "plan" proposed to promote the traditional manufacturing industry, the basic realization of digital manufacturing in key areas, to lay the foundation for the transformation of industrial upgrading.


Liu Jiuru pointed out in his speech China 100 is an intelligent manufacturing industry to promote the exchange of information, promote enterprise innovation cooperation, attention to intelligent manufacturing hotspot, supporting China manufacturing industry alliance 2025 guidelines for implementing the current contact active academicians, experts and entrepreneurs in the field of manufacturing China wisdom, open related research and discussion research activities, provide information support for the government and enterprises. At the same time, it also shared the latest policy information from the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry, Ministry of science and technology and other ministries and commissions in the field of intelligent manufacturing.


Fan Yushun said that in recent years the concept of intelligent manufacturing is like a raging fire, but this concept is not hype, but the manufacturing industry has been developed to form the inevitable stage, it is necessary to conduct in-depth discussions with professional forum. But at the same time, intelligent manufacturing technology and standards are far from forming, it is worth to study and explore.


Chinese intelligent manufacturing 100 units on behalf of members of the Council and participated in the 2016 made 100 solicitation leader, innovative character, excellent supplier and intelligent manufacturing model to cultivate the 30 strong candidate elite representatives there were nearly 300 people in government, production, learning and research, and gold and clothing industry from all walks of life "experts, the social elite attended the meeting.

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