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Chinese robot TOP10 summit was founded in Shenyang
Article Source:Central Broadcasting Network Update Time:2016-10-28

align="left"> By the domestic robot industry backbone enterprises initiated the establishment of the Chinese robot TOP10 summit conference, held in Shenyang City, Liaoning province. Vice Minister of industry and information technology Xin Guobin, vice governor of Liaoning province Liu Qiang wait until the meeting.


At the meeting, Shenyang SIASUN robot Limited by Share Ltd, Harbin Hiromi automation Limited by Share Ltd, Na Enbo (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui AIFUTE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing aisidun automation Limited by Share Ltd, Guangzhou CNC equipment limited company, Jiangsu Bo robot technology Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Kangli and blue Robot Technology Co., Guangzhou international industrial robot Co. Beijing tianzhihang medical companies, Polytron Technologies Inc and other ten companies issued a joint declaration: open truth-seeking, innovation and cooperation, strengthen self-discipline, promote fair competition, strengthen industry innovation, improve product quality, cultivate industry chain and promote the demonstration and application, to build a world-class enterprise robot!


Xin Guobin in his speech on the TOP10 enterprise has placed high hopes, and puts forward four suggestions on the development of China's robot industry.


First, not only to go fast, but also go far. At present, China's robot industry has been "high-end low-end" trend, and the excess of investment worries, robot companies should avoid blind expansion and low-level repeat construction.


Two is not only to look at the foot, but also look at the distance. Enterprises should have a long-term vision, to seize the weak links in the industry, to see the future development trends, identify their own market positioning, perseverance, a long time for the work.


Three is not only to go their own way, but also go together. To focus on cooperation between enterprises, to achieve complementary advantages, cooperation and win-win, at the same time, to pay attention to the integration of robotics industry and other scientific and technological innovation.


The four is not only rely on their own to go, but also will be leveraging. To make full use of capital and talent to achieve the power of enterprise development, entrepreneurs should also have an international

perspective, good at using and integrating global resources.



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