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Industrial 4 era of PLC
SYSTEM has been put forward for a long time, it is an intelligent execution unit which can autonomously control the information by bus. Its superiority is not comparable to the CCS system and DCS syst
MIIT: 13th Five-Year to build 10 networking industry gathering area
SYSTEM is still not perfect. According to the development goals, to 2020, the networking industry system with the international competitiveness of the basic form, including perception of manu
ABB reached a strategic cooperation with Changhong to enter the field of industrial robots
SYSTEM integration and so on, sharing quality resources, the joint development of Chinese market, which also marks Changhong entered the field of industrial robot. At the same time, the two s
Corporate mergers and acquisitions continued to force the German investment
SYSTEM in the modernization of plant investment. According to the German PWC accounting firm statistics, in 2016 Chinese enterprises in Germany conducted a total of 45 mergers and acquisition
2017 annual meeting of China intelligent manufacturing hundred
SYSTEM, value chain and major changes; Chinese manufacturing industry is big and not strong, is facing from the lower end of the value chain to high-end, from a big manufacturing country to a powerful
Trump came to China instrument industry will face the export dilemma
SYSTEM and device electronic measuring instruments, medical instruments and the largest trade deficit. If the implementation of 45% tariffs on goods Chinese, part of the price pressure will b
Robot authentication is coming
SYSTEM is not perfect, the lack of necessary technical barriers and market guide means, resulting in the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry is weak. In order to change the current
ABB provide Geneva electric bus charging technology for 15 seconds
SYSTEM) to provide all electric buses and electric vehicle technology flash charge. This batch of electric buses will serve the Geneva Airport and suburban areas line 23, compared with conventional fu
World Smart manufacturing exhibition opens in Nanjing
SYSTEM integration services and the demand of the enterprises face docking, intelligent manufacturing industry in-depth exchanges to promote participation in international exchanges.
2016 world networking fair today grand opening
SYSTEM, persist in innovation driven, application of traction, key breakthrough, collaborative development, the networking industry sustained rapid development in information sensing, data transmissio
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