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Intelligent manufacturing era: Adi automated factory in Germany starts
Article Source:Southern Metropolis daily Update Time:2016-7-29

align="left"> At the beginning of the coming of the era of smart manufacturing has emerged. The adidas closed in 2012 after the affiliated factory in China, this year, as the German government to support the industrial project 4.0, adidas automated factories will start in Germany, and the core of the factory, is a comprehensive industrial robot to replace human labor.


Adidas trend represents the trend of manufacturing industry, this trend not only hold not to live in China, labor costs are lower in Vietnam also does not hold. And the particular situation of China is, China's manufacturing industry in the low labor cost advantage, not rely on, under the condition of no return, wing of the technology is not yet full. In this case, China's manufacturing industry seems to suffer from the transformation of anxiety.


Almost nothing compared to the late-development countries such as Vietnam and India, as a global manufacturing power, we are afraid to lose, this is China's manufacturing industry to develop transformation macro background of anxiety. Anxiety and looked into the status quo of China's manufacturing industry, its transformation at least three major symptoms is emerging. First, China's manufacturing industry transformation anxiety is first and foremost, is also mainly is the traditional industry of anxiety in the small and medium-sized enterprises. Experts pointed out that, according to the German industrial 4. 0 standard, China's manufacturing industry as a whole in the stage of industrial 2.0, 3.0, is yet to be fully popularization stage, it is in this case, the industrial 4. 0 for most small and medium-sized enterprises in the downstream industry chain is impossible.


Transformation for traditional small and medium-sized enterprises, is the lack of infrastructure and direction, also lack the necessary support. Objectively speaking, a lot of the lack of competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprise to be eliminated will be unavoidable reality. In macro economic downturn, the status quo of low-end manufacturing overcapacity, requires all enterprises realize transition is not realistic, but for weak of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), intelligent manufacturing are too far away from them, but some of the outstanding enterprise can be made as much as possible from the extensive to refinement, there is a possibility of survival. This TaoTaiShi competition, is bound to be fostered a lot of anxiety.


Second, China's manufacturing anxiety disorder, also reflected in ignore risk, too fanatical overseas mergers. Some businesses literally do transformation, are often unknown, other companies are keen to capital operation, processing concept, too much hope on denotative growth, or just to play in the capital market arbitrage game fish in troubled waters, which to some extent also reflects the transformation of anxiety. From the point of the m&a market, the Chinese enterprise m&a in 2015 scale, since the record in the first quarter of 2016, in Asia's largest ten m&a deal, all have the figure of Chinese enterprises.


The craze of acquisition of inverse economic situation, from the front view, is the capital of the industry under the condition of the domestic economic downturn instinct to find new opportunities, is a shortcut to enterprise breakthrough development bottleneck, but look from the reverse side, risks and opportunities of mergers and acquisitions, especially overseas mergers and acquisitions, in the book value of the cheap, there are many legal, political, market and so on all aspects of cost consideration. Although Chinese enterprise m&a is a kind of power is up the value chain of positive signal, but too fond of mergers and acquisitions tend to generate enough prudent decisions, and transformation in its inner actually contain the anxiety.


Third, anxiety in manufacturing transformation and mergers of fanatical start-ups as well. The present business in China, already has become a hot industry, a concept of manager and capital chain, which was more mixed. For manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing start-up threshold is very high, startup, it's harder to want to touch the height of the industry in the advanced technology in robotics, for example, the last two years time, the domestic market enterprises has reached nearly thousand robots, at present, our country's industrial robot have accounted for a quarter of the world. Relevant policy, risk investment also enthusiastic to related concepts. Compared with contrast, due to the lack of core technology, industrial robots in China mainly concentrated in the low-end products, and as high as 70% or more of the business enterprise ontology are losing money. Clearly, this rush of business, and manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the actual demand.

Dissolve the anxiety of manufacturing industry transformation, transformation is the key to clear logic. From a strategic height to see the transformation of manufacturing, its connotation should be hold in employment under the premise of the bottom line, prevent manufacturing hollowing out, powerful research on the core technology. From bear the manufacturing entity enterprise transformation, the transformation of manufacturing industry to rely on innovation, the real innovation is high-risk, high-reward thing, necessarily, small and medium-sized enterprises should be our strengths, but should not fear lack risk, too frenzied mergers, start-ups, should be more rational, flutters for the transformation of the moderate anxiety can be transformed into real industrial driving force.



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