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Chinese robot industry conference held in Suzhou
Article Source:national business daily Update Time:2016-8-17

align="left"> 17 April 16 solstice, "2016 China service robot industry promotion conference" was held in suzhou city. The conference by the Chinese association of electromechanical integration technology, the automation system and integrated standardization technology committee, suzhou co-host city economic and technological development zone.


During the meeting, from the China association of electromechanical integration technology, the automation system and integrated standardization technology committee, mechanical science research institute, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Harbin industrial university, China agricultural university, xi 'an jiaotong university, Beijing university of science and technology, soochow university, shenyang siasun robot automation company, Harbin bo automation company, suzhou hui bo robotics, voss robot company, the German dick technology (Beijing) company and other research institutions, experts and scholars, and service robots related enterprises on behalf of more than 200 people came together, around the trend of "strategic", "technical standards", "industrial application" and so on to carry on the speech, all discuss the way of service robot industry innovation and development.


Ministry of science and technology "twelfth five-year" key special panel group of service robot tian-miao wang is introduced, the robot is the basis of the national strategy, not only in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and has widely used in national defense, space and underwater. Robots have perception, decision-making, control and implementation, such as the core technology, can radiate to the family, in the service of the elderly and children, service robot has wide development prospects.


It is understood that China service robot industry promotion conference has been held continuously for several years, this year's conference was held in suzhou city, and the city in the robot is closely connected with the development of intelligent manufacturing industry. Phase city of suzhou university institute of robot and intelligent equipment by city economic and technological development zone, suzhou university cooperation, set up in November in yangcheng lake international kechuang garden. Institute to 4.0 era under the background of industrial robots, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment demand as the guidance, such as for industrial robot, service robot, 3 d precision equipment and advanced materials forming equipment, high-end equipment, advanced logistics technology and equipment and the direction of the enterprise to provide new technology and enterprise management support, incubation and cultivate the innovative enterprises. At present, the institute has introduced more than 10 research and development, entrepreneurial teams. Mechanical and electrical engineering college of suzhou university, dean of Sun Lining said that five years will hatch 20 scale enterprises, the output value reached 1 billion yuan of above.


City "yangcheng lake international kechuang garden building area of 132800 square meters, is the carrier of intelligent manufacturing industry, science and technology business incubation. Since last November morning, 40 kechuang garden has the introduction of science and technology project, will break through 80, 2016, relying on tsinghua university production experience, technology transfer platform, cultivating the gen space. (Sun Baoping)



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