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2015 World robot Congress Grand opening
Article Source:China daily Update Time:2015-12-10

China News Network in November, 23, November 23rd, 2015 world robot conference in the National Convention Center grand opening, the general assembly for a period of 3 days, is the industry's highest specifications, the most authoritative robot industry high-end event. The conference by the China Association for science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Beijing Municipal People's government sponsored contractors of the Chinese Institute of electronics, Robotics Industry Association, China Association for science and Technology Center for teenagers, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, a collaborative integration and win-win, leading the social intelligence "as the theme, by the forum and Expo, youth Invitation Race three part composition. More than 200 experts and scholars in the world, 12 International Robot institutions, 209 global well-known enterprises, research institutions and universities, 145 young people on behalf of the team to participate in the general assembly.


2015 world robot forum by a forum of God and a day of twelve thematic forums, including experts, scholars, business leaders, including the Chinese Academy of engineering, Zheng Nanning, President of the international robotics Consortium (Arturo) Baroncelli IEEE, Raja automation and Robotics Society president Chatila Michiharu, Chinese Academy of science and Technology (Nakamura), the president of the United States, Michigan State University and D. Ryder John professor Xi Ning, etc., through the keynote report, summit dialogue, a variety of topics, such as the global robotics and industry trends.


2015 Robot World Expo exhibition area of 17000 square meters, the exhibitors from at home and abroad in the field of robotics 209 enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities, which include abb, KUKA, Yaskawa, Xinsong, Harbin Institute of technology, lKAWASAKI etc.. The organizing committee also launched a variety of interactive activities, including robot voice service area, robot soccer star performing race, robot table tennis exhibition match, scrying Pavilion of future, the wisdom of life Museum, through the man-machine interaction, further narrowing the distance between audience and exhibitors.


The conference also held 2015 World Youth robot invitation, the WRO (Regular Category WRO), VEX VEX (Robotics Competition), two FTC (Tech Challenge FIRST), FRC (Robotic Competition FIRST). Different games set different subject task, participants will be according to age group competition, designed to build a robot to complete the task or against. Wro theme is "Pearl" and "treasure hunt"; vex theme is "wiped out"; FTC "chain effect"; FRC theme for the "ultimate projectile.


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