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Industrial 4 era of PLC
Article Source:Tang Zhi Update Time:2017-3-24

2016 is not, industrial forum launched a discussion of high-end PLC. To say high-end, there may not be able to produce a PLC businesses do not think their own high-end PLC, even if it does not think high-end PLC own characteristics! Therefore, this is a Different people, different views. topic. At present, the industry 4 in China is also in full swing in the discussion, then, what kind of PLC can adapt to the industry's 4 "flexible manufacturing" requirements? Such PLC may be called high-end PLC.


Since the introduction of flexible manufacturing industry 4, I was full of curiosity, I know that the current PLM, MES performance has reached a considerable level, but in the end how to allow PLC to perform production tasks? Enumeration in PLC? According to the production process changes to the PLC programming? Obviously, there are serious problems in two ways! Enumeration, programming complex and easy to miss, poor adaptability of the process; re programming to the PLC is not discussed, which is the way the world is currently being used, can not solve the wall of MES and PLC! Flexible manufacturing requires flexible PLC, who can solve this problem, may be able to comply with the trend of the industry 4, basically called high-end PLC.


The FCS system has been put forward for a long time, it is an intelligent execution unit which can autonomously control the information by bus. Its superiority is not comparable to the CCS system and DCS system. Most businesses will not have been implemented in the FCS blamed on the complexity of a variety of fieldbus control protocol, language is not uniform, how can it be achieved? Therefore, the fieldbus is unified to the bus which is favorable to the device. Time proved that it was almost a long process. A variety of bus protocol is a historical issue, as the high-end PLC is not correct should solve this problem? Almost, the bus problem is solved, FCS on it? How many different manufacturers of intelligent device programming? Do not say that the requirements of intelligent device manufacturers according to different process programming! What does that mean? This shows that our PLC needs an innovative model to solve some of these problems. This is visible high-end.


I believe this discussion people are industrial people, but as a high-end PLC, must be highly intelligent, if there is a PLC and MES can break through the wall, PLC programming is also very simple, almost is the process description, whether you are in the mood to discuss this topic? Don't say this is impossible, abacus era, it was said invented the calculator, abacus also said impossible! Therefore, the high-end PLC should have programming is very simple, as far as possible to hide those with the production process has nothing to do with details, such as: data, databases, variables, communications, etc..


Of course, high-end PLC not only has the above characteristics, such as: high reliability, redundant simple, motion control, high-speed synchronization, etc.. Industry 4, it should be compatible with the PLC, so how far away from the PLC? So you really want to use PLC? So let's wait and see!



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