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Trump came to China instrument industry will face the export dilemma
Article Source: China Instrument Network Update Time:2017-2-10

align="left"> There is a U.S. election finally settled, Trump is beyond all expectations this fight to win the next president of the United states. Although the campaign has come to an end, but Trump brought the "Trump effect" is still in fermentation. During the campaign, Trump threatened to charge a 45% tariff on China goods, the reason is to protect U.S. jobs and promote the development of enterprises, a remark, mottaki.


Although there are expert analysis, the newly elected president is often said before the election, a set of options, in reality, many decisions still need to balance. In the short term, there will not be an increase in tariffs on imports of Chinese goods and other products are not conducive to the import of Chinese initiatives, but there are still many variables in the long run.


At present, China's exports, the United States in the first place, accounting for 18% of China's total exports. From the perspective of trade structure between China and the United States, China's exports to the United States are mainly composed of mechanical products, such as low-end instruments (51% of total exports), as well as labor-intensive, low value-added products. Moreover, China's export structure is constantly changing and upgrading, from 2000 to 2016, the proportion of machinery and transport equipment in China's total exports has risen from 33% to 47%.


The United States has been the main market of China's import and export of instruments, accounting for 19% of exports. It is not difficult to see that if China and the United States import and export trade policy changes, will have a huge impact on China's exports of instruments and meters.


Although our instrumentation products exported to the United States has maintained rapid and steady growth, but only in the low tech measurement instrument, weighing, calculation and drawing of measuring instruments in the import and export trade surpluses, other categories of products are in the trade deficit, especially in the high technology industry, automatic control system and device electronic measuring instruments, medical instruments and the largest trade deficit.


If the implementation of 45% tariffs on goods Chinese, part of the price pressure will be transferred to the consumers, then from the China instrumentation products will become very expensive, Americans may finally had to buy fewer goods Chinese. At the same time, some Southeast Asian countries have the advantages of labor costs and demographic dividend, the low-end manufacturing industry is constantly developing. Under the dual pressures, China's instrumentation industry may encounter export dilemma".


To change this passive situation, China's instrumentation companies only in the high-end field force, with independent core technology. At present, a large number of instrumentation industry in China's small and medium enterprises, in the face of strong competition in the market, small and medium-sized enterprises tend to get profit by reducing the market, but the instrument industry requires a large amount of capital investment in technology research and development, which leads to the instrument industry of our country innovation ability is weak, the lack of core technology. Faced with this problem, the state has also launched a technical innovation fund to support key projects and other policies to support the development of small and medium enterprises innovative technology. In addition, the China instrument enterprises should continue to increase the introduction of foreign advanced technology, digestion and absorption, to strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes, promoting the combination of innovation and scientific research and practical application, improve the technological content of products and practicality, gradually formed a high-end instrumentation in the international market.


In the relative saturation of the market, the background of fierce competition, China's export market instruments bumpy road, but it is not without a way out. I believe that with the development of independent research and development capabilities, China will have more and more high-quality instrumentation products into the international market, to join the ranks of international competition.




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