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Robot authentication is coming
Article Source:Guangming Update Time:2017-2-10

align="left"> Afraid of robot wounding? Fear of poor performance? The history of the most awesome robot to the certification.


The national development and Reform Commission, General Administration of quality inspection, the Ministry of industry, the Commission four ministries jointly launched the "Chinese robot certification (CR) mark, Chinese Software Testing Center launched CCID robot CR certification, to provide certification authority for the robot, but also with the German TUV Rhine group to provide business support, promote the Chinese robot products to further improve the global market.


Recently, Shenzhen high tech robot attack is rapidly fermented in the network, users are interpreted as robot force awakening. Although the media has given timely rumor, but has become a machine to replace human robot wounding process is the most worrying thing.


Correspondingly, in early 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology to thoroughly investigate on the robot industry, results show that Chinese relates to the robot production and integrated application of more than 800 enterprises, of which more than 200 is the robot manufacturing enterprises, but the majority of enterprises in the assembly and the main processing products, mainly concentrated in the low-end robots four axis, three axis.


China's robot industry standards and certification system is not perfect, the lack of necessary technical barriers and market guide means, resulting in the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry is weak.


In order to change the current situation of the industry, in November 2016, the national development and Reform Commission, General Administration of quality inspection, the Ministry of industry, the Commission four ministries jointly issued the "China robot certification (CR) mark, pushing the CR has become a symbol of quality mark assist robot robot products, quality control and independent innovation ability, strengthen our country in the global robotics industry standards and conformity assessment procedures are formulated in terms of discourse power and international competitiveness.


In order to promote the robot certification, China Software Testing Center launched CCID robot CR certification services, to provide authoritative CR certification for robot products, combined with Germany TUV Rhine group to provide value-added services to help Chinese robot industry norms and healthy development.


It is reported that the robot robot enterprises to obtain CCID CR certification, access to national and local robot industry subsidies and policy support, to provide the assessment of the value of robotics in the field of corporate finance and Technology Mergers and acquisitions, with professional inspection report to the international mutual recognition of users that the robot product quality testing standards, international docking is the key technology of the robot can be maturity identification.


In addition, CCID robot CR TUV Rhine group jointly with the German certification certification, products in the robot to obtain CR certificate at the same time, but also for the Rhine TUV China issued Mark certificate, can be further re authorized by the global market TUV Rhine certificate. On the basis of obtaining the CR certificate and TUV Rhine China Mark certificate, the robot enterprises need not re certification, can improve the product under the guidance of engineers, and ultimately get the CE certificate, pushing products to the global market.






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