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Vote for $1.5 billion to build automated factories of China's aluminum industry business transformation road
Article Source:China aluminium network Update Time:2016-3-15

At present, the real estate market slump, building materials industry overcapacity situation even more severe, the situation is not optimistic, why companies still choose to increase capacity? In Cao Gui water view, many industries in China are the overcapacity, but the really good products demand. "The current consumers need more good products, good services." Cao Gui water said that, the company's sales this year than last year increased by 11%, and the south China sea several large aluminum companies keep more than 10% of products is also common, this is because service to keep up with the big enterprises, products to meet customer demand.


Recently learned from guangdong new alloy aluminum co., LTD., a new alloy aluminum emerging plant by investing in automatic production line, only more than 600 people, covers an area of 700 mu of annual output can reach 160000 tons, equivalent to a one thousand factory production scale.


Reporters at the scene of the new factory to see, in the electrophoresis oxidation workshop, oxidation, electrophoresis production line vertical input to improve production line capacity by 3 times, human halved; Vertical warehouse for warehouse shelves, storage capacity than the original tripled, personnel is reduced by half. The whole factory, the product from extrusion to surface treatment, finished goods, finally entered the warehouse, is through automatic conveyor belt. , head of the enterprise through the central control room can monitor the delivery situation, the rest of the product quantity.


Guangdong new aluminium co., LTD., general manager of emerging Cao Gui water are introduced, new emerging new aluminium factory with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, the total area of one thousand mu, first phase covers an area of 700 mu, has invested 700 million yuan. Factory production in early 2015, the annual output around 160000 tons. Add in foshan nanhai, brillant two branch factories, new aluminium has three factories.


New alloy aluminum brand xinhe aluminium are two top Chinese architectural aluminum and new aluminium is how to create good products with good service? Cao Gui water is introduced, the company in terms of product quality control is very strict, standard, all material factory products are higher than national standard. Second is staff checks, a new aluminum joint-stock reform began in 2004, a line workshop director, key points of technical backbone has a stake in, they are very active to control product quality.


And in building good services, a new aluminum is relying on "Internet +" technology, good services. On the one hand, the company last year launched a "xinhe aluminum" WeChat public number, use the platform to do after-sales service, and communicate with consumer directly. On the other hand, xinhe aluminum began gradually to customize. "Our personal custom is not throw dealers, but depends on the dealer." Cao Gui water said.

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