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North American industrial robot market quietly warming
Article Source:Electronic Engineering album Update Time:2016-12-5

align="left"> A3 is an industrial organization dedicated to promoting automation technology, there are four sub groups, including the robot industry association (Robotic Industries, Association, RIA), motion control and motor Association (Motion Control and Motor Association, MCMA), and a global visual information association (special support technology applied in the automation field AIA). A3 in this year's increase of 119 member companies, including its subsidiary, the total number of members of nearly a thousand.



"Automation technology demand is growing," said A3 President Jeff Burnstein EETimes interview: "not just in the United States, this is a global trend, many companies are trying to strengthen the competitiveness by improving productivity, while those boring, harsh environmental conditions and dangerous work is the first approved for automation;" he pointed out recently, manufacturers purchase robot is mainly support material processing, assembling, welding, painting and other tasks.


Burnstein also pointed out that the robot becomes more and more easily into the work process, so for small and medium-sized firms more attractive: "a new generation of robots is easy to set up, just a few hours of operation training rather than a few months of programming; with the development of robot to flourish, the final assembly steps they have even been used in close cooperation with human needs."


When asked whether robots will make humans workers "jobs" affected, Burnstein pointed out that the robot sales and non agricultural labor force is growing steadily in the past, after the financial crisis has renewed growth: "we observed more than twenty years, is when the robot sales growth, the unemployment rate is fall, whether it is true in most regions of the United States or the world"; he also pointed out that even if spending and employment have cycle, robot sales and employment rate remains steady growth: "we can conclude that the machine is the employment rate."


Burnstein added, in fact may be exactly the opposite: "the robot is the key factor for manufacturers to maintain competitiveness, otherwise it may fail; and since the manufacturer will flourish, expansion of human jobs. He cited an example of automobile industry suppliers, the company found that certain jobs are in employment, training new employees, but those employees once they leave, they will work until those transferred to the robot, but the results so that rise, and can hire more staff to cope with the new business expansion.


A3 communications director Bob Doyle also pointed out that with the manufacturers use robots to perform repetitive tasks, the industry of labor skill requirements have changed: "now the factory with our grandfather young plants have not the same, we have done a survey, know the biggest problem is to find manufacturers suffered enough manpower to fill the vacancy and the position of PU, not just the engineering work, but also the need for technical support; there are nearly 2 million 300 thousand jobs this kind of industry, but not enough qualified human can fill."


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