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MITSUBISHI motor compact, lightweight, high performance four axis robot CH series new listing
Article Source: Update Time:2016-12-6

MITSUBISHI motor launch new four axis robot CH series, a compact, lightweight, high performance, to meet customer requirements for the installation space, performance and overall cost, is to provide customers with a cost-effective products.


More compact, lower installation size requirements, suitable for use in small space, unit equipment. The top wiring through the design optimization, to further reduce the height, to avoid interference.

 /uploadpic/CH series robot.jpg

More lightweight, easy to move, reduce the difficulty of installation and debugging.


High performance CR751 series controller, powerful performance, selection of accessories can correspond to the various networks use a variety of networks, to ensure the scalability of the rich; controller built-in calibration function of vision sensor and the realization of a simple set; MELFA-BASIC language, ensure consistency of your programming habits; high inertia model, corresponding to the larger starting point and the eccentric starting point, in order to achieve a more flexible design; internal wiring can be open, simple additional external wiring, easier to use.


Without the teaching device, using computer to teach; standard IO card and IO cable connector built-in standard; belt tracking function; without special control device. The controller can achieve the control of the maximum 8 additional shaft. All of our efforts, in order to reduce the overall cost of your investment in the system.


We believe that CH will play a more important role in precision parts assembly and high-speed handling and other fields, we expect the product to play a greater role in the China market, become your best partner of automation applications!

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