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MITSUBISHI motor with 17 TFT LCD module debut international embedded systems Exhibition
Article Source: Update Time:2016-10-28

MITSUBISHI Electric will bring 17 color industry with TFT LCD module products, appeared in August 24th to fifth in Shenzhen held the 26 Shenzhen international embedded systems Exhibition (Expo Embedded 2016). MITSUBISHI motor will be around medical equipment, construction machinery, elevators, ATM/POS machines, charging piles and six applications for customers to promote quality products for customers.


In this exhibition, MITSUBISHI will focus on the promotion of engineering machinery and the design of the solid type products, film and handheld devices to provide small thin products, and can meet the high performance outdoor use touch screen and other new products.


Vibration resistant and temperature resistant TFT liquid crystal screen is suitable for construction machinery


In the application of engineering machinery and agricultural machinery, because the buildings are working in harsh environment, the display of the LCD module, must be able to withstand mechanical vibration of the super strong, and can withstand the harsh outdoor temperature, MITSUBISHI motor specially designed the rugged 7 inch and 10.4 inch WVGA XGA LCD TFT module.


In order to enhance the product strong vibration resistance and temperature resistance, MITSUBISHI motor optimization of the liquid crystal panel, product structure and components, the LCD module vibration resistance is increased by about 7 times, from the original 1G under vibration acceleration up to 6.8G; and the working temperature extends 15 DEG C, from C to -30 +80 C extended to the temperature range of -40 DEG to +85 DEG C, temperature range in the upper and lower 125 degrees wide, still normal operation, can reach the industry's top level.


Thin type TFT LCD screen is suitable for professional cameras and handheld devices


For small, portable television monitor and professional camera viewfinder, MITSUBISHI launched a wide angle type compact thin 3.5 inch QHD TFT LCD module, which has the advantages of high quality image can display high-definition screen, up and down can clearly show the ultra wide angle and high contrast image.


In order to maintain the quality of the picture, the 3.5 inch TFT QHD LCD module level and vertical pixels, only half of the full HD products; at the same time through the optimization of product design, to achieve the screen as high as 313ppi of the fine.


MITSUBISHI motor to expand the viewing angle and camera viewfinder and operating in outdoor sunlight, the 3.5 inch QHD TFT LCD module to achieve ultra wide viewing angle up and down about 170 degrees, and up to the contrast of the 800:1 design, and that from any point of view, both image and real, and through high color reproduction (NTSC ratio of 72% to display a clear color).


The 3.5 inch QHD TFT LCD module, the thickness of only 4 mm and weighs 43 grams, very slim and light. The same type of light and thin products as well as 4.3 inches and 5.7 inches.


High performance touch TFT LCD screen to meet the needs of various industries


In order to meet the customer is equipped with LCD projection type capacitive touch screen, MITSUBISHI motor in this exhibition, also exhibited a variety of suitable ATM/POS machines, medical equipment, elevator and ship use, can use high performance touch screen products intuitive operation of the finger.


Compared with traditional products, high performance touch screen products are more sensitive, resistant to shock and resistance to water droplets. In addition to the user in the thickness up to 5 mm glass door operating the touch LCD screen, can also touch up to 10 points to control, even if the user is wearing gloves or screen attached to water, still flawless operation, basically can be used in a variety of environments.


This display touch screen products, the largest screen for high brightness SXGA 19 inch and 15 inch XGA TFT LCD module, especially suitable for the use of bank ATM; as for the other 15 inch XGA and 12.1 inch WXGA TFT LCD module with wide viewing angle, are based on the design of medical devices.



In addition, 12.1 inch and 10.4 inch XGA SVGA TFT LCD module is specially designed for elevator display with high brightness and wide viewing angle respectively; and the 10.6 inch WXGA, 9 inch and 6.5 inch WXGA VGA TFT LCD module, mainly designed for navigation and measuring instruments; more for electric vehicle charging 7 inch WVGA TFT LCD module pile design, with high brightness and wide screen performance.


In order to ensure product quality, improve the reliability of the product, MITSUBISHI motor to take liquid crystal module, touch screen sensor, protective glass and control circuit board assembly of a dragon production model. For frequent outdoor light operation of the equipment, the MITSUBISHI motor also provides resin bonding, low reflection, and other optional processing.


The general manager of MITSUBISHI electric semiconductor Chinese four big bright said: "since the MITSUBISHI motor since the July 2012 launch of TFT LCD projection type capacitor touch screen, continuous development of all kinds of display size and resolution of the products. In the future, will continue to expand the display size, resolution, protective glass and other different specifications of the product lineup to meet market diversification needs."



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