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ABB provide Geneva electric bus charging technology for 15 seconds
Article Source: Update Time:2017-1-13

ABB provides 15 seconds Geneva electric bus charging technology, zero emission of revolutionary technology without overhead wires, no noise, and can replace the traditional fuel buses, become the future city traffic model


Zurich Switzerland, July 15, 2016 ABB recently with the Geneva Public Transportation Bureau (TPG) signed a contract with the Swiss bus manufacturer HESS, 12 TOSA (New trolley bus system) to provide all electric buses and electric vehicle technology flash charge. This batch of electric buses will serve the Geneva Airport and suburban areas line 23, compared with conventional fuel buses, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1000 tons per year.


ABB will install 13 flash charging stations along the city's traffic routes and provide charging facilities for 3 terminals and 4 parking lots. Through this world's fastest flash charging connection technology, buses less than a second to access the charging point. Vehicle battery in the half-way station to 600 kilowatts of power charge for 15 seconds, to the terminal when charging 3-4 minutes can be completely filled. This innovative technology developed by ABB engineers in switzerland.


Fang Qin, President of ABB group power grid business, said: this breakthrough technology can help Geneva achieve its low noise, zero emissions of urban public transport vision, which we are proud of. It provides a model for future urban transportation development, while strengthening our vision of creating a better world through sustainable transportation. We are committed to developing customer focused solutions and technologies to reduce environmental impact, which is an important part of our 'new stage' strategy."


The first TOSA electric bus between the test run in Geneva Airport and Palexpo International Exhibition Center after the success of the Geneva Public Security Bureau decided to TOSA electric bus fully deployed in line 23. By then, 23 bus lines will be slightly adjusted to connect the Praille-Acacias-Vernet area, the outskirts of the new district is building 11 thousand apartments and office facilities, can accommodate up to 11 thousand employees. 2018 line fully put into operation, high passenger volume articulated electric bus will be in the peak period of 10 minutes intervals from the end of the station on the hair of the day, passengers can be transported 10 thousand passengers two. As an alternative to diesel buses, TOSA electric buses will significantly reduce noise while reducing greenhouse gas emissions


In addition, ABB also received HESS orders, provide 12 sets of flexible power transmission system solutions for this batch of buses, including traction and auxiliary converter, integrated roof mounted battery unit, energy conversion system and permanent magnet traction motor. Two order contracts include a maintenance and service agreement for a period of 5 years to ensure reliable, efficient and safe operation of the line.


Transportation and environment in Geneva, Luc Barthassat, said: in line 23 deployment of TOSA new rail electric transit system is a concerted effort of the public and private sectors, the parties for the same goal. This innovative program provides a sustainable, environmentally friendly public transport solution for the local community, but also opens up new ways for future traffic."


Geneva is the world's diplomatic, financial and technological innovation center. At the same time, as a symbol of high-quality urban life, it is also a popular tourist destination. Geneva has the number of international organizations ranked first in the world, including the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross and other institutions.


ABB for railway, subway, electric buses and electric vehicles and other traffic applications to provide extensive technical support. Transportation and infrastructure is one of the three major areas of business in addition to electricity and industrial ABB, sustainable transportation is also the focus of the ABB "new stage" strategy areas.


The 125 anniversary of the 2016 at ABB in switzerland. All along, ABB actively involved in the development of transportation, including railways. For example, the power supply and ventilation system of the application of ABB technology in the near future just opened the Gotthard base tunnel, the tunnel length of 57 kilometers, through the Alps, is the world's longest railway tunnel.



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