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Mitsubishi Motors launched the MELFA haptic application packages for industrial robots
Article Source:Nikkei BP Update Time:2015-9-24

argin-left: 5.25pt"> MITSUBISHI electric motors launched a set of industrial robots, force sensors and special programming tools for the integration of the "MELFA application program package" (Figure 1, 2). According to MITSUBISHI electric machine, using the application package, you can easily build power electronics parts and automotive parts, such as assembly, nesting, inspection process automation system.


The application package by RV-2F vertical multi joint robot series and RV-4/7F series (piping installed product specifications), controller, "4F-FS001-W200" (set of force sensor, an interface unit and a cable class as a whole) and haptic application software "RT Toolbox2" added with special tools. The target customers of the application package include not only the initial use of the robot's enterprise, but also the system has been used to integrate the robot's system.


The application package was first equipped with a force sensor. Due to the sensor to detect the tiny robot arm of force, it is possible to complete the original robot, it is very difficult to do the workpiece profile and nested work. In addition, through the work of the robot to record data, but also for quality management and work of the causes of failure. By using not only can edit the robot with the program, but also can speculate the processing time, the auxiliary program flaw repair, the simulation and so on the Toolbox2 RT, can reduce the programming work load.


Simply press the button to automatically set the initial parameters of the force sensor. In addition, you can also edit the use of force sensor on the special interface of the mechanical arm of the auxiliary procedures. With these functions, the starting time of the force sensing device and the production line can be shortened by 80% compared with the time required for the application. If you use the software, you can adjust the complexity of the force parameters. (reporter: Matsuda spike)

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