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Mitsubishi electric 2015 education cooperation between higher vocational colleges and satisfactory full stop
Article Source: Update Time:2016-8-10

2015 Mitsubishi electric automation education cooperation seminar held in jinhua on January 25, smooth. Together at the conference, various universities in retrospect in-depth cooperation, and sum up experience, more in-depth for the future to carry out the cooperation mechanism of talent training opened the new chapter.


Return to society as our duty, "mitsubishi electric automation education cooperation project" launched in 2005, by co-operative, and committed to automatic future talent cultivation in colleges and universities, promote the engineering practice and innovation ability of ascension.


Education cooperation mode and content rich variety of the project, to build joint laboratory automation, proposed solution configuration from the lab, to cultivate teachers, from technical support to the equipment update, mitsubishi electric, together with the universities to build and support the long-term development of the laboratory;


Starting in 2007, conducted in collaboration with universities and colleges in China, conducted once a year for college students of science and technology competition, "mitsubishi electric cup" national college students electrical and automation series, this year, the contest will soon celebrate the first "ten" full harvest year.


Besides, there are geared to the needs of teachers and students of automation, training center, various forms of classroom students outside school practice, combined with the practice of compiling textbooks, such as cooperation projects, in order to improve the students' engineering practical ability contributes an own strength.


Seminar, first by the mitsubishi electric automation (China) co., LTD. PM Mr Minister to harangue blanket of water, water Mr Minister, said: "there have been ninety years of history, mitsubishi electric enterprise, on the one hand, we constantly innovation, to leading technology, products and solutions that meet the needs of customers, with customer common development; on the other hand, we also don't forget to social responsibility, pay attention to the future talent training, make a due contribution to the development of the society."


The next review of cooperation, make present experience for many years one of the representatives of the colleges and universities, to see the cooperation education projects to mature step by step to achieve the vision, a little bit stronger exert influence, at the same time also looking forward to the future cooperation can bring more far-reaching influence, further realize the social value of university-enterprise cooperation.


Cooperation of colleges and universities teacher delegates, university-enterprise cooperation with mitsubishi electric, put forward its own unique insights, provides a new direction for future cooperation.

The conference, we also brought university-enterprise cooperation mitsubishi electric e - F @ ctory the latest dynamic integration solutions, ongoing upgrading of traditional manufacturing in China, has been eager to adapt to the era of rapid development of integrated talent cultivation, to this end, we have been cooperating with colleges and universities into the advanced elements of e - F @ ctory laboratory, make the development of college students can access to the forefront.


Mitsubishi electric cooperation with colleges and universities has been carried out for ten years. During this decade, mitsubishi motors have strong support from the national colleges and universities, we built hundreds of different characteristics of mitsubishi electric automation joint lab and training center, provide experimental platform for tens of thousands of college students. In the future, mitsubishi electric automation as a corporate citizen, will, as always, support the development of China's education cause.

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