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Mitsubishi Motors launched 12 high performance large robots work more than 3 times faster
Article Source:Nikkei BP Update Time:2016-3-17


Mitsubishi electric in 2015 launched on July 15, industrial vertical multi-joint robot "MELFA -f" series of new products, including load weight is 35 kg, 50 kg, 70 kg respectively the "RV - 70 F - / - 35/50" and other 12 models (figure). Now, even the small size of production of the products, at the last working procedure such as using a large robot is more and more, so mitsubishi electric increased the performance of large robot in its product line.


New models by changing the structure of the wrist, equipped with large capacity than the old one reducer, improve the working speed of the robot. Bearing the weight of 35 kg of RV - 35 f speed reached the old models "RV - 20 f" is about 4.2 times. RV - 35 f allow inertia (J6 axis) is for up to about 35 times of the old, can increase the size of the robot hand grasping workpiece. In addition, the largest elongation of mechanical arm extended to 205 cm, about 2 times, can quickly handle the original carrying large workpiece.



Programming language, teaching and engineering environment can and MELFA - F series bearing weight under 20 kg small robots. As a result, the factory with small and large robot, by the same method is used.


Six of the 12 models models with mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC) linkage. Not only can use high-speed communication function of PLC to shorten the I/O processing time, and together with the display, also can improve the efficiency of the operation and maintenance work.


In addition, mitsubishi motors will be held in July 15 to 18, 2015 the "MF - Tokyo 2015 drawing forming exhibition of gold" clear international conference and exhibition center (Tokyo) on display at the new product.


/uploadpic/Mitsubishi performance  robots.jpg

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