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OMRON will bring a series of sensors, NAVI PICO for the first time to attack the Shanghai Electronics Show
Article Source: Update Time:2016-11-22

The highly anticipated 2011 Munich Electronics Show in Shanghai is from March 15, 2011 to March 17th in Shanghai New International Expo Center opened, it will bring the same professional quality to the global electronics industry.


In the exhibition, OMRON electronic components trading Co. Ltd. will demonstrate the first series including MEMS sensor, pressure sensor and vibration sensor, MEMS gas flow sensor, non-contact temperature sensor MEMS.


MEMS pressure sensor has the advantages of power saving, high performance and small features, can be widely used in electronic blood pressure meter, gas meter, pressure indicator, filtering detection etc..


MEMS gas flow sensor with high accuracy, high sensitivity, small features, to achieve the world's smallest level of MEMS components (1.55mm). Used in cleaning room, household energy saving system, office energy saving system, etc..


MEMS non contact temperature sensor with high sensitivity, environmental resistance, high precision characteristics, from the original MEMS ASIC OMRON optical design to reach the highest level in the world of SNR. Can be used in energy-saving appliances, energy-saving office system, household saving system, home security etc..


Vibration sensor has the characteristics of rapid detection of vibration dumping, in order to prevent the occurrence of the 2 disasters.



In addition to the sensor products, a full - direction key module called "PICO-NAVI" is sure to attract the attention of many visitors. It has the characteristics of good operation friendliness, design diversity and small size. Can be widely used in PC, digital products, household electrical appliances, etc.. At that time, we will be for you to carry out the kind of display, looking forward to your experience.



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