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Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-R the next generation of series c controller support under the wisdom in Altera SoC application factories
Article Source:Altera Update Time:2015-11-20

argin-left:5.25pt;"> On May 13, 2015, Beijing - Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: altr) announced today, Mitsubishi Motors use Altera & reg; cyclone & reg; V SOC support for the wisdom of factory automation equipment in the next generation c controller. Compared with the previous generation of micro controller based system, the application of V SoC C makes the Cyclone controller has more flexibility, higher performance and more powerful function and network connection capability.


MITSUBISHI motor C controller applied to a variety of factory automation system, improve the reliability, while compared to industrial PC, the controller is a cost-effective alternative. The C controller is a highly flexible controller based on the MELSEC open platform architecture, capable of performing C and C++ language programs. MELSEC iQ-R C series controller is using the Altera cyclone V SOC, won the new can the flexibility of programming and transplanting of system and user customized integrated in the cyclone V SOC FPGA and arm & reg; dual core cortex & reg; A9 processor support, to meet the demands of the system.


Inoue Naotake, senior manager of MITSUBISHI motor controller development division, said: "our C controller series has excellent reliability, can withstand harsh environment, can be long-term supply, meet the requirements of factory automation equipment. Our iQ-R MELSEC series C controller uses Cyclone's V SoC Altera, which significantly enhances the function of the controller, and provides users with a way to transplant from the traditional MCU based industrial controller."


V SoC ARM integrates dual core Cortex A9 nm processor and low cost, low power 28 FPGA Cyclone. This has a high degree of flexibility in the combination of both the application level ARM processor performance and ecosystem, but also has the FPGA system management and hardware acceleration. V SoC C enables the Cyclone controller to achieve excellent network connectivity and high performance capability, supporting the mass data acquisition and processing in the modern intelligent factory.


Highly integrated Cyclone V SoC was used as the main CPU system and I/O controller, Ethernet, SD and PCIe support. The integration of ARM processor can be used to achieve a variety of functions, from very simple with no operating system of bare metal application until running VxWorks & reg; operating system need high bandwidth, low latency for real-time operation.


Moore David, director of Altera's industrial operations, said: "the development of the next generation of smart factories in the industry is very much affected by the development of the next generation of smart plants, including from the high standard of network security and cloud connectivity, until the system is constantly increasing the versatility and functionality of the system. Compared with the traditional microcontroller based systems, FPGA SoC is clearly more able to meet these needs. MITSUBISHI motor has been in a leading position in the development and offering of V SoC Cyclone solutions, such as the C MELSEC controller, which meets the requirements of the world's smart factory's performance and life cycle."


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