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Omron awarded China well-known trademark
Article Source:Omron China headquarters Update Time:2016-10-21

Recently, OMRON group's brand logo "OMRON" and Chinese trademark "OMRON" certified by the Chinese well-known trademark. This marked the omron brand has won the general customers the high recognition, in the field of relevant industry has a good corporate image and market competitiveness.


"China well-known trademark" is by the state administration for industry and commerce administration authority certification, such as in the Chinese market with high visibility and good reputation and strong consumer appeal of the trademark. The state administration for industry and commerce trademark office recognition has a very strict standard: a well-known trademark of the trademark known related public degree; The duration of the trademark use; The trademark propaganda work duration, degree and geographical scope; Other factors of the trademark is well-known. Omron's Chinese well-known trademark, is through the layers of strict examination and approval of the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office, show that omron in the Chinese market leading position and strength.


Omron doing business in China more than 30 years, in industrial automation, electronic components, social public system, health care and so on several big field, has been uphold the "peace of mind, security, environmental protection, health" concept, is committed to through their businesses contribute to solve China's social issues. At the same time, omron also actively carry out the corporate social responsibility activities, establish a good corporate citizen image. In the future, omron will continue to uphold the "enterprise is to contribute to society" the basic concept and Chinese society in order to achieve common sustainable development contribution strength.

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