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Domestic robot industry outlook can be expected
Article Source:China Science News Update Time:2016-12-9

align="left"> General secretary Xi Jinping has stressed that the robot is the Pearl of the crown in the modern manufacturing industry". With the industrial upgrading and transformation of the opportunity, intelligent manufacturing and industrial 4 plan proposed by the domestic enterprises for the robot also has a growing demand. Data statistics, in 2015 the global robot sales for the first time exceeded 240 thousand units, the Chinese market sales reached 66 thousand units, an increase of 16%.


So, the domestic development of the robot industry how? What other obstacles need to be overcome? At present, the application of robots in various industries, how? "Chinese Science News" reporter and the China Electronics Association, the relevant personnel, this visit a number of robot companies.


Prosperity and development of the industry


In GQY video Limited by Share Ltd Shanghai office area, a bank service robot caused a reporter's attention. From the appearance point of view, the little people, about 1.7 meters tall, with an appearance of the head of the human body, the chest of the display screen is it and the user exchange window". It supports voice interaction, face recognition technology, can help branch banking business, but also singing, dancing, chatting.


This bank robot can help users to start a credit card in real time, the follow-up will be a lot of features." GQY video service robot bank chairman Guo Qiyin introduction, they developed in-depth research on application scenarios based on financial industry, the traditional banking service mode and the technology innovation combination, using intelligent digital media equipment and human-computer interaction technology, the technology of intelligent robot in the form of more vivid performance, can effectively improve the efficiency of banking personnel. At present, the "small people" has been in the Yinchuan branch of China Minsheng Bank, the spot light off phase.


As the Heilongjiang provincial government and Harbin Institute of Technology jointly set up the hagongda robot group, in the rehabilitation robot out of a new road. Vice President Joe Huizhou hagongda robot group is introduced, at present, they developed the rehabilitation robot has been basically developed at present, and some work in hospital.


It can be said that the current domestic robot research and development of various types of robots, and the market prospects.


Technology for continuous improvement



So, compared with foreign countries, China's robot companies how to do? In this regard, a number of experts said that in many segments of the field, China's robot business compared to foreign technology is not inferior, and some also have certain advantages.


A new robot is an industrial robot R & D and manufacturing enterprises, a variety of welding, cutting, assembly and other operations on the downstream process the product is applicable to all kinds of production line. Liu Shuo, deputy general manager of the company said that they produce welding robots in the country to occupy a considerable share, but also has its own unique advantages.


"In Essen shortly before the show, we show the high precision and welding robot laser equipment with high accuracy welding operation site melt-through bead, which is the only one to show this scene of enterprise operation. It should be said that our technology is closely followed by ABB, such as the top foreign counterparts." Expert Ding Shixin insisted that the new welding robot, in many areas, domestic robot technology is not weak in foreign countries. And compared to foreign enterprises, local machinery enterprises to provide more complete after-sales service and technical support, has a certain advantage.


GQY video is in production, learning and research cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly developed a special robot self balancing vehicle rescue platform. This robot can achieve a high degree of shock absorption. Use of this robot, you can travel in the body of the injured for emergency treatment, and the injured on the platform can maintain a relatively balanced, will not be offset. "Our technology, it should be said that the whole world is the only one, after the Shanghai municipal government imports a million of mobile ambulance, no one of our effective." GQY video relevant person in charge.


Liu Shuo also pointed out that in the development of industrial robots, in addition to individual areas such as reducer, their robots have almost all of their own intellectual property rights, is not weaker than foreign enterprises.


Need to broaden the field of robotics applications


Experts on robotics companies, technology may not be their most worried about, how to further expand the application fields of robots, robot application needs to create more, it is the focus of their concern.


"It should be said, despite the current domestic robot sales in the increase. But objectively speaking, the current domestic robotics industry is still in the stage of market education. That is, a lot of companies do not really know where they are in the industry, you can use the robot." Liu Shuo said.


With the arrival of the inflection point of the population, the phenomenon of labor shortage has gradually highlighted, some of the industry as well as some of the products are not high level of production capacity of small and medium enterprises, there is a need to upgrade the manufacturing sector.


On the other hand, the price of the robot is relatively high also become the threshold of the robot promotion. In this regard, there are experts, should be in the policy, subsidies to the robot enterprises to support. Joe Hui said, hope the government will be able to support the direction focused on the application of robots. The rehabilitation robot as an example, for some specific groups, such as the disabled and the elderly, in the purchase of rehabilitation robot, the government can give buyers a certain amount of subsidies to promote the development of the Android market.



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