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Industrial logistics market in 2020 is expected to reach 30 billion dollars worth
Article Source:China investment consulting network Update Time:2016-4-19

In 2020, according to WinterGreenResearch expects global industrial logistics will amount to $30 billion in market value. The research firm said to end-to-end process automation industrial robots (300024), with emphasis on the project is in full swing around the world.


Added to the company, as the industrial robot and logistics robot is constantly repeating work effectively, the logistics industry is continually introduced to load a sensor more intelligent robots. These robots by using the processor and the camera control action, realize the process automation.


WinterGreen said, on the basis of the sensors and a camera input, the use of the microprocessor gives the robot intelligent control.


Online retailer amazon to the warehousing and distribution operations automation and the development of a variety of different types of robots and automated processes. Such a high degree of automation, so amazon can now do it in the United States at least 14 cities on the day of the delivery of goods in a region.


SupplyChainDigest materials handling editor CliffHolste said the consumer goods market in the rapid development of online retailers to emphasize the need for speed. This means that the more the use of robots and automation equipment.


The conveyor system can be transmitted per minute and sorting of 250-250 cartons. Says the Holste, ma DE teck currently imported FlexSortSL2 sorting at the rate of 380 per minute.


Jingdong is one of the largest online retailers in China, not long ago, the company introduced a logistics center in Shanghai berman, automatic packaging/materials handling and sorting system.


Berman is a focus on logistics automation company in Germany, it said jingdong new sorting system is composed of seven conveyor belt, conveyor belt, hanging from the ceiling, for its 100000 square meters of warehouse to save as much space as possible.


Berman company explained: carton and plastic bag arrived at layer 1 and layer 2 of the warehouse, and then automatically be transferred to the 254 - metre - long CrisplantLS - 4000 cb cross belt type sorting machine, once they reach their destination by sorting to 131 within a chute.


Complete material handling system of the sorting capacity is 13521 per hour.


Jingdong said the company in the first quarter of 2015 accounted for 56% of China's B2C e-commerce market directly.


In 2014, the company warehouse to deal with the order 689 million goods, meet the needs of more than 1.05 billion customers.


Jingdong said, the company operating on its own logistics network to ensure timely and reliably delivered to the customer, the goods has become the core of jingdong development.

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