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Circuit breakers and fuses by 2021 the market value is expected to reach us $ 31.11billion
Article Source:China report Hall Update Time:2016-7-19

align="left"> Given the fuse outstanding performance of short circuit protection, it is widely used in high and low voltage power distribution system and control system and electric equipment, as a short circuit and over current protector, is the most common application is one of the most important protection device. Fuse data analysis details below market value.


According to the transparency of market research released a new report "circuit breaker and fuse - global industry analysis and prediction of the trend, scale, share, grow, 2015-2021". Circuit breaker and fuse the market value of $20.75 billion in 2014, is expected to reach $2021 in 31.11 billion, from 2015 to 2021, growing at a 6% compound annual growth rate.


Circuit breaker is a kind when facing overload or short circuit, open/close by their own, in order to protect the circuit from damage of automatic operation of the electric switch device. Any failure of the basic function of the circuit breaker is to determine the current and the interrupt. And fuse is a low resistance values, when overload or short circuit current through melt, because of its own heat fusing, and disconnect the circuit of a type of electrical sacrifice. The growth of the industry and construction industry in emerging markets as well as the demand for electricity and reliable electricity has promoted the growing of circuit breaker and fuse the development of the market. In addition, due to fluctuations in power electronic equipment is also easy to fail. Private institutions and governments globally are proposed to equipment protection components such as fuses and circuit breakers in electronic equipment


From the geographical perspective, circuit breaker and fuse market has been roughly divided into North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific and other parts of the world (ROW). In North America in 2014 is the biggest contributor, circuit breaker and fuse market market accounted for 34.8% of the total market share in North America. The north American market rising demand for circuit breaker and fuse, is likely to present a substantial increase in the future. More information, please refer to latest fuse industry market analysis report of China released the hall of the 2016-2021 China fuse industry market operation and industrial development trend research report.


Circuit breaker and fuse markets around the world can be divided into low, according to the installation of voltage grade, the high voltage circuit breaker. Through the arcing medium type, can be divided into the air, vacuum circuit breaker market, oil and SF6 circuit breakers. In addition, divided into low voltage fuse and fuse market high-voltage fuse. Low voltage fuse is further subdivided into inserting fuse and tubular fuse. Low voltage circuit breaker is a major contributor to the global circuit breaker market in 2014, the growth can be attributed to large and rapid development of power grid.


Global circuit breaker and fuse the market can be divided into: according to the industrial application architecture, automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, power generation, medical and military. Power industry is the biggest contributor to circuit breaker and fuse the market. In 2014, the power generation industry totaled $5.41 billion.


Demand for efficient and intelligent power continues to grow, in order to solve the future demand for electricity. Because the growth of electricity demand, market demand for protection equipment such as circuit breaker and fuse is expected will also increase.


Key participants in the circuit breaker and fuse market are: ABB group (Switzerland), alstom, (France), Eaton (Irish), G&W electric company (USA), the general electric company (USA), Siemens (Germany), schneider electric SE circuit breaker co., LTD. (France), Pennsylvania (us), Toshiba (Japan), maxwell technology co., LTD. (USA) and mitsubishi motors (Japan), etc. This report provides the circuit breaker and fuse the strategic analysis of the market and market growth expectations during 2015 to 2021. The report based on the circuit breaker and fuse of all markets made a comprehensive analysis of the industry application as well as across different areas of the circuit breaker and fuse market are analyzed in depth the cross-industry.

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