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The second world robot Conference opened in Foshan
Article Source:China News Network Update Time:2015-9-22

an face="">The second session of the robot world exhibition and intelligent equipment industry conference (referred to as the "World Conference on robot") opened in Foshan, Guangdong Province on the 10th, including robot world "four big families" known as the Switzerland ABB, FANUC of Japan, Japan Yaskawa and KUKA Germany company, more than 120 enterprises, exhibited the same stage of the world's most cutting-edge robotics and intelligent equipment.


The Conference was "meet the robot industry 2.0 era" as the theme, furnished bythe international robotics and intelligent Industrial Alliance, Asian manufacturing Association.


Schiling Klaus, CO chair of the coalition, and President of the University of Wuerzburg, Germany, said in the conference that both Germany and China are now facing an ageing society, with fewer young workers, and that it is necessary to make up for the lack of labor by automating the same productivity in the future.


Klaus Schilling said that one of the challenges facing the current use of robots is security issues, including the robot wounding, hacking, etc., must be highly valued. He also said that China's huge potential for the development of the robot industry, and China to strengthen cooperation in the field of research and development.


Chief executive officer of the international robot and intelligent equipment industry alliance, said Luo Jun, the next 10 years, the robot industry will enter the 2 era, the United States will play a leading role, but Japan, Germany in the field of traditional robot is no longer obvious advantages.


Luo Jun believes that the robotics industry to achieve beyond the bend, have both advantages and disadvantages also has the advantage, in the face of traditional robot historical debts, the field of intelligent robot started late, the unfavorable situation, at the same time, China will within 30 years keep is the world's largest robotics market. He suggested that the development of the Chinese robot industry should be combined with intelligent manufacturing.


CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy director of the economic committee, the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Li Yizhong said that the current Chinese industrial robot manufacturing and use of a large gap compared with the international level, especially the core components are subject to the developed countries in Europe and America, and the lack of a greater competitiveness of machine companies.


He said, the robot is implemented in 2025 the key tasks of manufacturing in China, China should strengthen research and development of robot key spare parts and components, improve self-sufficiency rate; under the background of China labor age population decline, conform to the substitution machine, control machine "trend of the times and promote the use of robots.


At present, many enterprises in China to join the robot industry. According to Li Yizhong estimates, there are about 500 robots in the country. In addition, the Chinese robot manufacturing industry in recent years, rapid development. According to statistics, in 2014 the total number of robot sales 225,000 units, China sales 57,000 units, an increase of 55% over the previous year, is expected to 2025, China's industrial robot annual sales will reach 240,000 units.


The world's largest robot supermarket - Guangdong intelligent manufacturing demonstration center also officially opened in Foshan on the day, with the Internet + robot O2O platform, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory, service robot Experience Hall, etc..

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