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Kawasaki heavy industries to send robots to solve the temporary employment needs
Article Source:China industry news Update Time:2016-11-11


The Japanese Kawasaki heavy industry has now started to send the robot business for factory automation production line, in order to deal with the enterprise in the production line and the shortage of temporary need to increase circumstances, quickly solve productivity problems.


According to Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" reported that Kawasaki heavy industry hope that through the "send robot", instead of sending the human way to solve the shortage of labor in production site, and as a selling point for the promotion greatly. Industrial robot "Kawasaki heavy industry in June 2015 successfully developed and asked the city duAro sale, sold in large quantities to large leasing companies Cen Juan turyTokyoLeasing, by the company responsible for the dispatch of business. In this regard, Vice Minister of Kawasaki heavy industrial robot business center Mada Chinori said, such an approach has been formed to compete with the robot to compete with the human form".


The report said that although the price of duAro per unit up to 2 million 800 thousand yen (about 166 thousand yuan), equivalent to an annual salary of ordinary employees. However, for every few months the production of electronic components will change the supply, the short-term use of the demand is more cost-effective than long-term, so the company to consider the use of leased to expand the market.


At present, duAro can not only be responsible for assembling and handling in electronic components factory, and can complete the wobble and sauce packaging work in Bento boxes. In addition, because the duAro can simply close the square space into about 60 cm in length, so it can replace human beings into the automatic production line. At the same time, the duAro body is also attached to the roller to facilitate the movement, making its use more widely.


According to the CenturyTokyoLeasing plan, duAro rental, the lease period of 6 months of the contract, for example, the monthly rent is 200 thousand yen (about 12 thousand yuan). Such rent is not high in Japanese companies, but there is a crash in Taiwan, said the dispatch of the robot's salary is higher than he, the future is not likely to be the robot will replace the dispatch of human work.


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