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Yaskawa motor new robot Center in Chengdu
Article Source:Yaskawa Electric Update Time:2016-1-22


Recently, Chengdu new robot center of Yaskawa inauguration ceremony was held in Chengdu Guoteng Science & Technology Park. Chengdu Municipal Commission of economy and information related to the leadership, Yaskawa electric (China) Co., Ltd. chairman today, Mr. Fu attended the event. New robot center in Chengdu is following Shanghai, Guangzhou Yaskawa electric in China the third set display, training, testing, scheme and after-sales and other five function as one of the full range of the center of the robot.



YASKAWA in 1915 to produce motor started from the motor Yaskawa to the Yaskawa "" automation and Mechatronics Yaskawa, entrepreneurial 100 years Yaskawa has been working on the development of industrial automation, Yaskawa 2016 will open next 100 years business strategy plan. Yaskawa four major cause for drive and control business, cause motion control, system engineering career and career robot. Yasukawa robot widely used in global automotive, machinery processing, electrical and electronic manufacturing multiple fields.

The new robot center "to have pro, attention, experience, through the scene to show visitors a variety of practical application of robot factory in the production process, deepen the understanding of user automation application. At the same time also can according to customer needs, to various parts of the actual project testing, to achieve the user's workpiece and Yaskawa robot control all kinds of peripheral equipment and technology optimization combination. In addition, the new robot robot training center with the function of education. The implementation of the students one-on-one with teaching a robot programming, real machine full set of education and training. The new Chengdu robot robot training center will use educational facilities with the same height of the robot center Shanghai. To achieve unity in the training and education of Chinese Yaskawa robot area.



Chengdu new robot center will introduce the most advanced Japanese Yaskawa, in close cooperation with the Chengdu local robot system integrators to increase core technology, improve the level of the robot application region as a whole. At the same time, in order to cause the Western high-tech Yaskawa stronghold to further strengthen the western region oriented customers to provide a full range of automation Yaskawa solutions, upgrade Chengdu new build robot center a set of sales, exhibition, training, customer service, the full range of the robot center of new technology development as a whole, and radiation coverage throughout the Midwest. As Yaskawa marketing positions, the integration of various market advantage resources in Chengdu region and related policy support, to build a strategic highland Yasukawa robot in the western region, to further expand the major products in Chinese Yaskawa share market.


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