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World Smart manufacturing exhibition opens in Nanjing
Article Source: China Daily Update Time:2017-1-13

align="left"> December 6th, the Ministry of industry and the Jiangsu provincial government jointly organized by the world's Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition in Nanjing International Expo center. 285 companies from the United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Austria, Finland, Canada, Singapore, Hongkong and other parts of the world 11 countries and regions, will be in the three days of exhibition, showcasing the latest achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing. The application of the new AR smart tickets, VR intelligent navigation, robot intelligent guide technology, will enable the audience to see the exhibition brought hitherto unknown adventure.


The current intelligent manufacturing conference to make more intelligent as the theme, will focus on the current display of intelligent workshops, intelligent solutions, intelligent industry applications and intelligent manufacturing innovation and other aspects of exploration and practice. The single also includes well-known international institutions, the world's top robot manufacturers, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing enterprises focus on national demonstration enterprises, Jiangsu province famous intelligent manufacturing enterprises, covering important well-known manufacturers and research institutions in the field of intelligent manufacturing, will bring the world's most advanced technology of the field of artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, robotics, intelligent solutions.


The general assembly also includes 1 Summit Forum, the theme of the forum, the world's 1 Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition and the activities of the 8 special events in the world. The forum guests from 8 major intelligent manufacturing power, 229 domestic and foreign well-known figures, including 27 academicians (including 8 foreign academicians), the world's top 500 enterprises senior leadership 32, Germany Fraunhof Association of production equipment and Structure Technology Research Institute, the German electronic working committee, Chinese Machinery Industry Federation and other responsible Chinese and foreign intelligent manufacturing professional association, SIEMENS, Ge, DELL, Switzerland ABB group and other large multinational business leaders will attend a speech or dialogue. Is the world's largest intelligent manufacturing field, the highest level of international exchange seminars, but also for the first time in the field of such a high standard of the General Assembly held in the field. Especially the industry is concerned, the Ministry will during the General Assembly formally issued and interpretation of "intelligent manufacturing" 13th Five-Year "development plan", as the key and the path of the next five years Chinese intelligent manufacturing clear development ideas and goals, promote the specified.


At the same time, the conference will carefully design resources import and grafting, organizations at all levels of government, colleges, institutions, and strengthen the backbone enterprises participating companies and experts to build a comprehensive docking, intelligent manufacturing supply and demand docking platform for intelligent manufacturing system integration services and the demand of the enterprises face docking, intelligent manufacturing industry in-depth exchanges to promote participation in international exchanges.


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