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United States manufacturing regression need high tech redemption
Article Source: international business daily Update Time:2016-5-9

align="left"> The survey report shows that in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and China five of the world's manufacturing power, only from the point of data analysis, the United States is not dominant.


In recent years, the United States for the first time put forward to revive manufacturing slogan, but so far, manufacturing never show back the obvious signs of the United States. Recently the institute for supply management (ISM), according to the latest data released by the more in December 2015, the United States manufacturing index fell to 48.2 from 48.6 in November, a new low since June 2009.


To this, China minsheng banking institute recently released by the comparative analysis of virtue, Japan and South Korea manufacturing, according to a report from manufacturing countries such as Germany, Japan, South Korea and China, in terms of labor supply, the market cost, American manufacturing is no absolute advantage, and points out that the revitalization of the U.S. manufacturing sector is the science and technology.


American manufacturing mediocrity


Manufacturing gross domestic product (GDP) ratio,, according to data from 1995 to 2014, American manufacturing as a share of GDP presents the downward trend year by year, the early remain at around 15%, that figure dropped to 12% in 2014. In contrast, German manufacturing as a share of GDP is stable in the 22% range, China, South Korea also remains over 20% per year.

Separately, according to the report, according to the manufacturing industry competitiveness index, the United States not as good as Germany, Japan, ranking third in the five countries; According to the manufacturing output per capita ranking, the manufacturing output per capita of $5520, $7913 less than $7913 in Japan, Germany and South Korea $7477.


Comprehensive above value, according to the report, the United States manufacturing advantage lies in the design of the manufacturing industry in research and development, brand marketing and production of high value-added at the ends of the links such as key parts is located in the top of the smiling curve, and in such aspects as basic science research, the world first-class technology has comparative advantage and through the large multinational companies in the global allocation of resources ability. The advantage of manufacturing industry is concentrated in the aerospace, automotive and new energy, etc.


While U.S. manufacturing disadvantage is lack of capital flow, strong capital constraint and Labour is in short supply.


Revitalization needs to rely on Science and technology


Under this background, the report recommends that U.S. manufacturing in the future to further upstream to the global manufacturing competitiveness, must seize their own advantages of science and technology, manufacturing is driven by innovation.


Further analysis, according to the report for the first power of science and technology in the world, and the United States has most of the world's science and technology strength, the United States should make full use of this advantage, superimposed itself at the same time is the world's only superpower and the identity of the leader of the nation in the western world, play in any other country in the world don't have the political and economic influence of using the currency of the dollar as an international reserve center, as well as the world's most developed capital market, provide support for the development of American manufacturing. Besides, according to the report, the United States also has the world's biggest consumer market, the U.S. national consumption ability is enough for us manufacturing has created the world's largest consumer market.


Of course, the U.S. government understands this, and have been to the science and technology driven. Data shows, the United States successive governments have attached great importance to science and technology, always stressed to keep the advantage of the scientific research and education in the most important position, set up by the national laboratory, enterprises, universities, scientific research system of nonprofit organizations large and complete institutions of science and technology.


Administrative office the President of the United States and the national science and technology committee also released in February 2012, "national strategy" advanced manufacturing plan, will formally advanced manufacturing industry promoted to national strategy.

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