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Schneider Electric products carrying intelligence revelations OEM innovationroad of transformation
Article Source:Schneider Electric Update Time:2015-11-19

Shanghai, China, on 27 October 2015 — recently, the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric successfully held the "Zhi Kai 2015" new product promotion tour series of activities, Wuhan, Chengdu, the vast number of OEM user brings a "feast of automation". With the help of the tour activities, Schneider Electric to share innovative products and solutions for it, with the vast number of OEM customers common vision of the new view, at present, an important trend of intelligent manufacturing, lean production, also provides beneficial enlightenment for innovation and transformation of the user.


The manufacturing industry is developing from the previous extensive, extensive growth, pay more attention to the mining efficiency and innovation potential, emphasizing the steady upgrading of the "new normal" development model; at the same time, the rhythm of the changes in market demand and product update iteration but continues to accelerate, equipment for the upstream supplier proposed new challenges. Such a trend is driving more and more OEM companies to embark on the road of transformation, to find a more intelligent and efficient, more green and interconnected machine equipment.


Among them, Wuhan, Chengdu as the industrial center in central and western regions, the industry development potential and the power of enterprise transformation and upgrading of the power to complement each other, the demand for innovative technology is particularly strong. In response to these needs, Schneider Electric to the "can - efficiency and industrial wisdom made" concept as a guide, in the promotion tour event main display based on many of the products that MachineStruxureTM green machine automation platform. Overall in the tour products covers a wide range of various types of PLC, HMI, frequency converter, motor control, power control and protection and UPS products, can very good to deal with the users the flexibility to industry, security, connectivity, energy-saving automatic upgrade requirements.


From the lean production to intelligent manufacturing, has become an important concept of Schneider electric with the tour to the user to share. In recent years, Schneider electric continued to focus on the challenges facing OEM companies in the smart trend, hoping to provide comprehensive support from the product, service, research and development and supply chain support and other layers of the transition needs of users. In the tour activities, Schneider Electric specifically to "how to make your equipment more intelligent" in the title, to the two users shared typical successful cases, let users in the intelligent transformation of the exploration on the road have tracked


Schneider electric (China) Co., Ltd. Pang Xingjian, vice president of industry OEM sales, said: with the development and market demand changes in the macro industry trends, Schneider electric not only can be a wide range of OEM industry needs to be widely covered, but also for different scale, different levels of OEM users to provide customized solutions to help them adapt to their own development needs of the way to upgrade, to lean production, intelligent manufacturing direction orderly. In the future, Schneider Electric will be in the 'energy - efficient + industrial intelligence made' concept guidance, to provide more benefits for the Chinese OEM users of innovative transformation of automation products."


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Schneider Electric is a global energy efficiency experts in the fields of management and automation, is committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and enviromentally-friendly energy and process managmement. Group sales of 25 billion euros in 2014 fiscal year, in more than 100 counties with 170,000 employees. Switch products from the mostsimple to complex operatiing systems, our technonlogy, software and services to help customers manage and optimize operations, through the interconnection of the power if science and technology industry to optimize and improve the urbanecological and enrich people’s lives.


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As a leader in the field of industrial automation and control, Schneider electric industry division through superior products, innovative solutions and deep understanding of the industry, continue to help customers in the global machine automation, discrete automation and process automation, improve production capacity, security and reduce energy consumption. Continued rapid development of industry division has benefited from close and seamless care for customers in the entire life cycle, and the establishment of an ecological system with the characteristics of channel partners and technical partners. Industrial division of business combinations including industrial components, frequency converter, motion control, robotics, PLC, DCS, process safety, software, HMI and sensors, etc..


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