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Opening of the 2015 Expo to see change after the exhibition which highlights
Article Source:the China industrial control net of the original Update Time:2015-11-25

Every year in November, the industry's most popular is the Chinese International Industry Expo held in Shanghai. This year's Fair has come to the seventeenth, and the use of a new National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), which is the Expo 2001 in Shanghai New International Expo Center held for many years after the first exchange. At present, the world's largest exhibition center () Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Exhibition Center, which makes the exhibition area of China's Industry Expo has grown significantly, it is understood that the 230000 square meters, a new record high


The Expo in China's equipment manufacturing industry should influence, wurenbuxiao. Today (November 3rd), this industry event, at the grand opening of the new museum. As the exhibition in such a comprehensive national level consists of 9 major professional exhibition, general audience even cursory also difficult to within one day Guangwan 10 exhibition halls, then we may wish to see what is worthy of our automation industry to focus on the.


We know that in May this year, the State Council officially issued the first ten years of China's implementation of manufacturing power strategy program of action - "made in China", the manufacturing industry positioning into "the foundation of the country, the country of the country, the foundation of power", proposed three step strategy of building manufacturing power. Therefore, the current industry fair is also aimed at the China manufacturing 2025 strategy, a variety of intelligent manufacturing technology have appeared on stage.


First, industry and Trade Fair this year will scene with "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects of special exhibition", focused exhibition ministry this year in the nationwide selected 46 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, including China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Jiujiang Branch, Weichai Dynamic Power Co., Ltd., Haier Group, Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Beijing Helishi System Engineering Co., Ltd., enterprises and units in the implementation of intelligent manufacturing success experience and demonstration projects, so as to promote exchange of experience, realize a typical experience in greater range extension.


Shenyang machine tool group based on the "industrial Internet of remote collaborative and sharing network" theme "i5 series intelligent machine tools", so that the audience can feel the remote on-line control of intelligent machine tools.


In addition, a large number of industry leading enterprise representatives, bringing the international competitive advantage and the core technology to represent the global manufacturing model. SIEMENS display fully integrated automation (TIA) experience center and SIEMENS's integrated drive system and other cutting-edge technology, on-site interpretation of the whole integrated automation solutions based on the TIA technology platform, the interpretation of the concept, truly cover the entire drive chain one-stop solution for industrial users to create a significant value-added. Not only that, SIEMENS is still the world's first V90 low inertia servo system.


Feinikesi electric launched the PROFINET Industrial Ethernet bus technology based on the new development of the "ProfiCloud - for the industry customized cloud technology," this won the 2014 German Hull Hermes (Award) nominated by the latest technology is also the first time in china.


This year, the MITSUBISHI electric e-F@ctory automation integrated program also debut. E-F@ctory is integrated FA concept, to reduce the overall cost of the enterprise, the entire manufacturing system of the various devices to horizontal integration, to achieve seamless communication between devices, while the longitudinal enterprise information management system and FA system through the MES interface to achieve data sharing.


Delta is showing the IOT architecture energy management automation platform — Delta Energy online monitoring system based on, and bring in industry and Trade Fair this year will display for the first time new vertical articulated robot DRV90L series.


The robot hall is a huge crowds of people. Following last year, the first of the world's first human robot cooperative robot YuMi ABB world premiere, ABB this year again the world's first ABB so far the largest robot - high load large robot IRB8700. IRB8700 load of up to 800KG, it is cm higher than the heightof 190 cm, but also higher than the market similar products to improve the speed of 25%. IRB8700 leader in the ultra flexible white body solution also synchronized debut.


At the fair, FANUC is the first time in China released collaboration robot CR-35iA. The maximum load of the robot's wrist is 35KG, and the movement can reach radius 1813MM, which is currently the world's largest collaborative robot. As a cooperative robot, the CR-35iA has good safety and high load, which makes the CR-35iA work in the field of automobile manufacturing, machine tools and other fields without safety fence.


Another industrial robot giant KUKA also held a global debut new conference, a grand release of its new CYTEC NANO KR series robot. The new CYTEC NANO KR robot with streamlined design, quick response, flexible operation, load range of 6-10 kg, can be competent for a long distance, even in the narrow space canwork freely.


From Italy Comau has also brought a new product — Amico robot, which is a innovation of arms of a humanoid robot concept unit, reflecting the human-computer interaction design concept.


Look back to domestic enterprises. As a banner of the national brand of industrial, Huichuan technology released AM600 series of medium-sized PLC and MD810 series standard type machine drive. AM600 is a focus on high-end industrial automation applications in the field of medium-sized PLC, and MD810 series inverter is Huichuan technology, independent research and development of a new generation of low pressure machine transmission products. It is said that the introduction of MD810, is the first time to break the technical barriers and monopoly of foreign multi machine transmission, will create a precedent for the application of multi frequency conversion products in the Chinese OEM industry".


Another Chinese industrial sector of the leader of the British Witten, this year is full attack, four new series debut together, including Goodrive200A Goodrive20 two high performance inverter, DA200 series of high-end servo system, mg single camera series photovoltaic inverter for new energy automobile generator and motor control GVD550 main motor controller, and GVD500 series auxiliary motor controller and other new, extra attention.


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