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GE set up automation and control solutions platform
Article Source:GE intelligent platforms Update Time:2015-11-29


Industrial Internet solutions enable customers to optimize the performance of assets and equipment, to achieve efficient and reliable operation


Power generation, distribution and related fields of application


Automation & control business unit is composed of the original GE intelligent platform and Alston Power Automation & Control Division, the new organization has 2400 employees, distributed in 30 countries worldwide


In November 10, 2015, with the merger of Alston, GE wealth of technology leadership and Alston 40 years of leadership, the new automation & control solutions platform. Through the machine, data and personnel three Internet, to achieve faster, more secure, more reliable performance. GE Automation & control solutions platform provides a basic solution for the data acquisition of assets and equipment and operation process, to help customers use big data to generate insight.


We will focus on the customer's big data connection, and then enable them to analyze data, the ultimate goal is to help customers solve the complex business challenges they face." Walsh Jim, chief executive officer of GE Automation & control division. "Our automation and control solutions have helped our customers achieve satisfactory results, such as our help customers achieve a 98% online rate, to help them improve the efficiency of assets 25%, save 5000000 to 10000000 of operating costs per year. By increasing productivity and efficiency, our customers are able to provide more economical and Sustainable Electricity and related services to global consumers."


GE Automation & control solutions platform products will cover - industrial software, distributed control systems and process safety systems - purpose to provide global power industry with control, automation and process optimization solutions. GE automation and control technology for the world's thousands of assets and equipment to provide control and monitoring services. In fact, GE will receive more than 20000 signals per minute, including:


For over half of the world's electricity production for automation and processcontrol


By controlling the global 1/4 of the blowout preventer, which ensure thesecurity of oil production


1/3 major mass transit systems around the world, enabling staff to security on time to your destination


In addition to the high performance of the product, GE Automation & control also provides the best support services to customers, including professional networks throughout the world, professional and application knowledge, all-weather emergency support services, online case management, etc.. Customers can be by virtue of GE's engineers, Solutions Architect, consultants, industry experts and the collective wisdom of the third party partners in the business environment to achieve seamless integration of solutions, deployment and maintenance.


As Walsh Jim said: "we are able to provide a comprehensive solution to the factory by combining technologies, services and know-how, and the transfer of integrated system experience. For this purpose, the customer only needs a partner, can obtain a complete, modular solution - which is precisely what the customer needs in the business environment."


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