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Sensors go global must meet four conditions
Article Source:China investment consulting network Update Time:2016-6-17

align="left"> The Internet of things development, drive the sensor market expanding. "With the number of users, the use of sensor requirement also gradually improve. In the future, the sensors all over the world to meet the demand of the big four.


Due to the continuous development of the Internet of things, and other connected devices application, analysts predict trillions of sensors will soon be used on a global scale. But according to lux research report, before the forecast was to become a reality, to meet the demand of many parts manufacturers.


According to lux, a researcher at Tiffany Huang's report found around four sensor applications demand is still not solved. The four requirements for: power consumption, and external factors, sensitivity and cost.


Meet these requirements not only means the increase of sensor application, at the same time also means that the emergence of new applications, including the movement of sound source localization, accurate tracking, portable allergen detection, etc.


According to the report, the requirements for a surge of sensor is particularly critical for several reasons.


Power consumption, for example, increased the cost of using equipment and determines how long it will take to replace or charge batteries, this time two factors affects the consumer. Better control of power consumption will bring more possibilities for the application and make the sensors and easier to use equipment.


According to the report, the shape factor is also broaden the sensor deployment is an important field of innovation. Huang said, because the sensors are becoming increasingly complex on the function, they may very well in shape, does not apply to the desired application. This is also with the progress of sensor using the requirements developed for the application of the shape factor of reason.



In order to meet these requirements, the engineer must be conducted on the application of new technology and new key innovation. According to Huang, the main innovation to meet those needs including low-power peripheral equipment, energy collection, packaging and new type sensor.


In these techniques, only the sensor part of the low-power peripheral devices can be in factory production, so it is the most readily available and easy to implement.


Huang said that the development of the technology that responsibility falls on the current sensor company. She said: "for example, the best method of semiconductor sensor company to cooperate with like ecker sensor packaging company, and semiconductor companies such as Texas instruments need to acquire innovative new Ambiq Micro."


As sensor continued, Huang said that the growth of the consumer devices such as smart phones are obvious. In the next few years, automotive applications, residential and building automation, and medical care will also be a large number of using sensors.


But Huang also pointed out that in the future across multiple industry observation of the sensor will become a more effective method, rather than its niche to a particular industry or application. "In particular, we expect that the strong demand of sensor from the safety, health, drawing, and automation." Huang said.





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