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Omron industrial automation and control devices: in fiscal year 2016 digital domain for 30% growth
Article Source:Nikkei BP Update Time:2016-9-21

In the economic environment is increasingly serious in China, there is a 30% growth target of Japanese enterprises are put forward. This is the OMRON Automation and control equipment department of the Chinese legal person, OMRON Automation (CHINA) co., LTD. (OMRON Industrial Automation (CHINA)). Songshan letter also (director, vice general manager of enterprise governance department minister of governance) confidently said: "although the economy of the severity of the situation has not changed, is an opportunity for our business". Songshan is the development strategy of the company accepted reporter's interview.


What are the business goals for the fiscal year 2016?


We will be smart phones as the main product of digital products manufacturers, including the required electronic components manufacturers as an object, for the 2016 fiscal year to achieve more than 30% growth. From the macroscopic view, expected until the 2017 fiscal year would be severe situation. But I think this is a chance to our business. Because in this environment, the products made in China "high-performance", "intelligent" demand is higher and higher. Advice from the customer is in the growing.


Why do you think this is an opportunity?


Because we can't imitate the exclusive advantage with other companies. This advantage is that we not only have the sensor, controller (control device), network equipment, but also to provide customers until fusion advanced motion control technology such as robots comprehensive solution. Can think, can provide the core technology, including robot control equipment manufacturers, in addition we don't have a second home.


In the past, customers in the building line, want to buy the robot to professional manufacturers, while sensors and control equipment purchase from our other manufacturers, and then the engineering company is responsible for the equipment linkage, operation. This mode, improve the precision of the production process will have limitations. Because want from different vendors robots work in coordination and control devices, sensors, debugging and running in work is very difficult.



We are now on the basis of the sensors, control devices and increase business, the robot can provide a complete set of products to the customer. Customer oriented product line to provide "package solution". As a result, the production line of network communication mode to achieve the unification, when problem of product occurrence quality, also easy to take corresponding countermeasures.


This approach to the stable product quality, has very big effect to improve yield. , for example, used in manufacture of organic EL display (OLED), and other new technology products, there is always quality unstable situation. And when the quality problems easy to take countermeasures, is very valuable.


How do you get the bots?


In fiscal year 2015 we successfully launched two mergers and acquisitions (M&A). One is acquired the world's leading industrial robot manufacturers - the United States Adept Technology co., LTD. Another is acquired motion control technology with advanced American Delta Tau Data Systems.

Now, especially in China, the demand of the robot are proliferating. Especially for smart phones and related electronic components manufacturing plant, the trend is more significant. The background is the surge in labor costs. Even there are a lot of enterprises put forward the basic implementation "hope factory to 2020 unmanned" extreme requirements. As early as a few years ago, the Chinese government launched to promote the policy of factory automation, now enterprises are finally starting to specific actions. So in the field of factory automation, has enormous business opportunities.


Why develop smartphones and related electronic components manufacturer of business?


Because there are business opportunities. Opportunities always appeared in the new change takes place, there will be new investments. It is very important to accurately determine where a new investment. We are the final product as a starting point for inference.

In the future will make the world a better place in the final product is what? New changes occurred in which area? We for the pilot to screening business object. One of them is the intelligent mobile phone as the center of digital products. So we smartphone manufacturers as the starting point, will be associated with components manufacturers, the OEM enterprise as a potential customer, in turn, were studied. Now, all companies are actively carry out the marketing strategy, and we start as early as two years ago to comprehensively promote the move.


The effect reflected in fiscal 2015 earnings. Compared with the previous year, digital products such as smartphone manufacturers business with 40% growth for the object. We are in the field of target achieved fruitful results and felt very proud.

In addition to smartphones, another growth area is the car business. Pure electric cars, small cars, displacement below 1.6 L related parts manufacturers are growing. And air conditioning, machine tools, textile and other Chinese traditional industry this year (2016) is still grim.


How do you predict China's medium-and long-term prospects?


China will be a growth market, I think the growth will continue into 2020. We will continue to challenge in the market. "Made in China 2025" has only just begun. In 2025 ~ 2030, the factory automation investments should be continued. Now move is mainly revolves around cutting-edge industries. To make automation take root in all areas, estimates that it could be ten years


What are the issues, and initiatives intended to strengthen in the future?


In the business extended to the robot, the customer to in the process of China's territory, we must develop new business channels. Need to improve the sensors, control equipment, robots and other core products integrated system integration ability, this will be the business system.


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