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China's independent research and development of composite-type robots began mass production
Article Source:Xinhua News Agency Update Time:2016-6-17

align="left"> According to report of xinhua news agency of China academy of sciences announced recently in shenyang siasun robot automation company, the independent research and development production of complex robot has started mass production, more than three months time sales of more than 40 units, the market prospect is very broad


Complex robot hands are two feature set in one of a new type of robot. In the world of robot, general industrial robot called mechanical arm, to replace the function of the arm; The intelligent mobile robot (AGV) is used to replace the function of the legs and feet. Complex robot is by using his hands and feet, the two functions together.



Siasun the launch complex robot for domestic initiative, with international advanced robot manufacturers to launch similar products at the same time, almost the same time on the precision, speed and other indicators.


The robot not only integrates intelligent mobile robot, general industrial robots, such as the unit of work, but also used the visual error compensation technology, to satisfy the strict requirements of precision mechanical structure movement as a whole, to avoid the multiple unit movement caused by the error accumulation of precision is not up to standard. In layman's terms, is that you can do it by using his hands and feet, in an orderly way, cooperate with the tacit understanding.


The compound body of the robot positioning accuracy is + / - 5 mm, while material localization accuracy reached plus or minus 1 mm, realize the basic function such as handling, loading. In addition, due to the use of visual identification sensor, the robot will also be able to quickly switch of jig and intelligent sorting of different materials.


Multiple robots since last November at the machine after the meeting of National People's Congress, is favored by the market, has sold more than 40 sets, sales income of more than 5000 ten thousand yuan, mainly used in semiconductor, electric power industries, and foreign companies to come to discuss the purchase recently.


"Complex robot to replace labor has obvious effect, only need 1-2 years can recover the cost." Siasun robot company responsible for the project engineer snowsong said.


Siasun robot's President dao-kui qu said the complex robot has huge market demand, with the international giant robot is siasun rushed to the focus of the researches, future product competition is one of the key battleground.


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