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Pro-face official release of compact man-machine interface to achieve networking solutions
Article Source:China International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Update Time:2016-10-13

The man-machine interface and factory data communication solutions to the global leader in Pro-face days before the official release compact new member of the "man-machine interface of GP4100 series color models", compared with the original GP4100 series monochrome models show stronger performance, more clear, more realistic, compact and powerful. Meet the needs of different customers and markets.

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Internet of things era, the globalization of the production site is full of various forms of information, GP4100 series of color models can be collected and used this information, in the production scene easily achieve things. As the GP4100 series color type compact man-machine interface is configured with a 4.3 inch wide screen, through the Ethernet interface to build things, suitable for today's mainstream variety of large-scale automation equipment and production line. In the face of those more difficult to achieve the production site (for example: a small installation space, high construction costs, etc.), the use of small size of color models can be a good solution to these problems. Color models are standard USB Type-A interface, can be connected with commercial USB devices (for example, bar code reader, USB memory, etc.) by PC on the network can collect each device data. Color models only 4.3 inches has provided 65K color display, 480 x 272 pixels high resolution, greatly improved the compact man-machine interface, misoperation problems difficult to see. In addition, through the Pro-face unique, extensive driver support, but also can be easily connected to a variety of devices, greatly help in the production site to achieve the application of the Internet of things.


Pro-face is committed to continuous research and development can be connected to a variety of industrial equipment, to deal with different production site of new products, to achieve the company's slogan "the best interface for" and make unremitting efforts.


Features of GP4100 series color models:


1 4.3 inch widescreen (65536 color).

2 resolution 480 x 272 pixels, the display is more clear, more convenient operation.

3 configuration of Ethernet interface, easy to achieve things.

4 a wide range of driver support, easy to connect a variety of equipment.

5 standard USB Type-A interface




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