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Pro-face global sales exceeded 3 million units!
Article Source: Update Time:2016-8-30

The world's first programmable man-machine interface manufacturer and man-machine interface and world leader factory data communications solutions Pro - face proudly declare: from October 20, 1988 Pro - face human-machine interface products on the market by May 2013, the company now accumulative total sales of 3 million units.


Since November 1988, accept orders, Pro - face human-machine interface products, by reducing the wiring of time, the introduction of network, etc., in the industrial automation industry won a good reputation. In sales of 3 million units of the course, with the 2011 release of GP4000 series sales steady rise, make the sales breakthrough one million third time than before the implementation of 2 one million time faster 3.7 *, creating new sales records


Comparing with one million sets of sales period.


Pro - face global slogan "Pro - face for the best interface", embodies the Pro forum dedicated to the development of the "interface" best products, connect a wide range of industrial manufacturing in the field of the ultimate purpose of all kinds of equipment.


Future-oriented, Pro - face will continue to launch the valuable products and services, continuous efforts to improve the efficiency of the production site, to become the best "interface", create new brilliance!


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