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Application of OMRON human machine MPT5 in ceramic kiln

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-11-16

OMRON man-machine MPT5 price is cheap, the programming is simple, MPT5 kiln the MPT5 kiln operation and maintenance is convenient, and it is feasible to use the human machine interface in the ceramic kiln. This paper introduces the programming method and the communication Application method Application with Application CQM1H-CPU51 OMRON.


One, OMRON in OMRON the OMRON entire operation panel, a variety of buttons, a large number of external buttons removed, and in the human machine is the first task. To this end, the use of the button function. The series touch screen provides the user with three types of button. One is the set of buttons, the two is the reset button, the three is the alternate function button. In this paper, the function of the button is used.


Two, the transformation of the second tasks is to increase the parameter adjustment function. The parameters should be adjusted, only by the programmer to perform modifications, the transformation, the parameters of the input function set in the third computer screen, 35 parameters is provided by the OMRON man-machine digital input function to achieve the technical requirements of the adjustment. As shown in the following figure, in order to prevent misuse, when entering the parameters of the screen set up a password, only to provide the correct password to allow the implementation of the parameters of the modified


Three, on the screen to achieve the alarm display function. Because of this series of machine does not provide to the user alarm history, alarm list, lantern alarm function etc.. Therefore, only through the PLC in the preparation of scintillation procedures, the man made the corresponding indicator light, to achieve the display of the alarm.


Four, communication. MPT5 and CQM1H PLC communication using the RS232C standard, in terms of PLC, setting the baud rate, parity, an initial match, ending character etc.. So set PLC in the 5 DIP switch to ON, that is, the RS232C interface in the PLC using the following communication parameters, 9600, E, 7,2.

Man and machine, set the control area for the DM500, according to the need, the corresponding screen number is transferred to DM500 to achieve the screen switch.


Through the transformation, simplifying the external line, the operation is more intuitive and simple, to achieve the desired goal.



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