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The application of MITSUBISHI Q PLC in the double color gravure printing machine

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-11-16

1 company introduction


Shanghai Q PLC Hai Q PLC Run Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the printing machinery company. The company's main products are sheet fed gravure printing machine, bronzing machine, color gravure circular color gravure applanation color gravure die-cutting machine and other printing MITSUBISHI and MITSUBISHI packaging MITSUBISHI machinery and prepress Postpress equipment, have a certain influence in the industry. Especially for some of the transformation of the import of second-hand equipment, there is a strong resource advantage.


In the company's products, including the conventional frequency conversion, servo <a href="/searchfanan.html?search=system&select=7">system, PLC system, touch screen and other FA products. At the same time, according to different products, there will be different requirements, the use of FA products are also different.


2 device description


Double color gravure printing machine is used for gravure printing on sheets of paper, the whole system consists of the same group, two color, Feida group, four pieces of paper and other parts, which mainly includes: main transmission, transmission line control paper, printing, paper, paper detection, gas, oil, fans etc..


The main drive is controlled by a 35KW inverter, with transmission power unit in the entire printing process, which includes the feidahong part of the paper feeding driving, printing drum rotation and delivery mechanism. Feeding part, main control main and side plates, and the early, late, paper, double sheet detection function deviation. At the same time, the paper also includes the monitoring function of the production information of paper counting and production.


The printing part, mainly includes the printing plate's upper edition, the edition function, as well as the related adjustment function. At the same time there are other auxiliary functions, such as ink quantity control, ink control, printing control and other functions. The main part of the paper, including the tracking control of automatic speed paper receiving mechanism, charge control main and auxiliary functions such as paper board.

3 system configuration diagram


The system uses the MITSUBISHI QPLC, four CC-Link remote stations, touch screen, inverter and other automation products. All field signals are input through the CC-Link field bus.


4 debugging situation and experience


Because the system uses the CC-Link field bus, in the wiring, all the I/O points using the nearest remote access module, the error occurred less, but also very easy to find.


The biggest problem encountered in the debugging is the touch screen level, the system, in the paper, color group, two color groups have F930 touch screen as a man-machine interface system. In the actual debugging process, often encounter the communication links do not start, after the careful analysis of hardware, in addition to using shielded cable, RS232 communication, try to shorten the length of the cable, and walk the line, to avoid the power cable; RS422 communication, using STP, and matching resistance. Software, in the touch screen settings, so that the touch screen in accordance with the order of communication to initialize. After these two aspects of the treatment, the problem is solved.


Through the use of advanced fieldbus technology, can avoid many installation problems; at the same time, through to solve the problem, but also gave me some installation experience, the construction must be in strict accordance with the norms, otherwise it is asking for trouble.


  1. user feedback


From the system debugging in the factory, to transport to the user after installation, start production has been three years of time, the system is stable and reliable, and achieved good results, manufacturers and users are satisfied.



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