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Application of MITSUBISHI domestic PLC in boiler equipment
PLC fan operation, booster ignition, oil solenoid valve, open and close monitor of photoelectric switch. At the end of the running process, there is reset button to restart the program. 2, gas

How to use OMRON PLC to realize remote electric quantity collection
PLC to realize the power supply system's electric quantity collection and the control, through the public telephone network and the upper computer is connected. The whole system has flexible contr

Application of Pro-face touch screen in coating machine
PLC+ touch screen control in the coating machine. Coating machine is widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical, food, biological products, for a variety of tablets, pills, candy packs all k

Application of OMRON human machine MPT5 in ceramic kiln
PLC in the preparation of scintillation procedures, the man made the corresponding indicator light, to achieve the display of the alarm. Four, communication. MPT5 and CQM1H PLC communication

The application of MITSUBISHI Q PLC in the double color gravure printing machine
PLC system, touch screen and other FA products. At the same time, according to different products, there will be different requirements, the use of FA products are also different. 2 device de

Pro-face uses GLC to ensure an emergency backup system
PLC is working to control some of the additives and move the feed tank, if the main program for some reason malfunction, this program can be controlled by the GLC allows us to switch to manual operati

Cement production line control system based on AC500 ABB series PLC
PLC is flexible, and its expansibility is strong. Traditional PLC products of small, medium and large size of the software and hardware differences are very large, the system has a limited development

Application of MITSUBISHI PLC in wire rope type grille decontamination machine on
PLC in wire rope type grille decontamination machine on Wire rope type grille decontamination machine is a high degree of automation of the sewage treatment equipment for floating in lar

Application of Pro-face touch screen in bus
PLC connected to the Profibus network through the bridge project using 6 12.1 inch color touch screen. Realize the centralized control of the whole system, and at the same time can be in the field ope

Total solution for printing machine based on OMRON systems
PLC) in communication function and high speed counter, and more perfect of pulse output function, increasing performance and makes the PLC + servo + inverter, touch screen of the whole system on the p

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