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Application of ABB power distribution intelligent component (IPD) in textile industry

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-10-14

1, introduction

2006 National Development and Reform distribution intelligent component Commission distribution intelligent component issued the "textile industry" in 11th Five-Year "development", the textile industry to actively textile industry change textile industry the textile industry mode of growth, and achieved sustained, ABB rapid ABB and ABB healthy development. With communication products, computer products (Communication) (Computer) and consumer electronics (Consumer) as the representative of the rapid development of 3C technology, our control <a href="/searchfanan.html?search=system&select=7">system in textile industry has caught up with the developed countries in the world. The major equipment and engineering projects have basically achieved the automation of DCS systems and process control, which is the stability and reliability of the power distribution system and put forward higher technical requirements.


2, background

Due to the development of the textile industry has a long history in China, domestic textile enterprises still have a lot of equipment in earlier period, and the past understanding of electrical automation is not enough and lack of experience, the distribution system of many textile device is still in the old equipment, technology and management is relatively backward situation, the management of power blackouts is limited to the purpose of load control. With the continuous improvement of the degree of automation of the textile industry, the demand for electricity has not satisfied with power, good power quality and power management, has become an important part of the textile industry to the distribution system requirements.


For a long time, the low voltage distribution network has been one of the weak links on the reliability of power system operation, the Department of energy "power management information technology standard" clearly put forward to grasp the load distribution network and key users, and on all the important information such as load curve. But over the years, due to the lack of low-voltage distribution network automation testing means that, generally in several typical days annually or quarterly, by the staff with simple method clamp current meter by measuring load distribution device, the result is time-consuming and can not reflect the real situation, can not solve practical problems. Therefore, it is very necessary to research and develop a series of monitoring devices for low voltage distribution network.

In view of this situation, ABB launched the power distribution intelligent components (Power Device IPD-Intelligent) series of products, dedicated to help users to improve the reliability and intelligent level of low-voltage distribution.


3, application

The whole production line system of a textile mill consists of the front and back parts. The spinning part is mainly composed of melt conveying, spinning and winding components, after spinning equipment including cluster frame, wire machine, oil tank, a drafting machine, water bath tank, two drafting machine, steam heating box, tension heat setting machine, spray cooling device, three drawing machine, folding wire three roller machine, traction machine, tension frame, crimping machine, crimping machine, auxiliary heating box machine, oiling wheel etc..


In these management level using the ABB HMI as a front-end processor through the Modubs protocol to collect data from the field layer, and appropriate for data processing and fault diagnosis. Will the packed data center for management, to the background monitoring system through the Ethernet transmission at the same time, the control information from the management center through Ethernet switch through HMI sent to the scene layer.



In the field of measurement and control level using the ABB intelligent power distribution components (IPD) series of products, from the scene of the telesignal data, remote measurement, relay protection or control unit through the field information acquisition and processing, and through the Modbus protocol to upload to the station management layer and the control layer.


ABB intelligent power distribution components (IPD) series of products to provide intelligent power monitoring products rich and complete, can according to the different needs of users to use the system to provide reliable, convenient and flexible applications, and on-site application requirements applicable to various complex. According to the difference of each loop, using different product optimization to build a reasonable solution.


Since the operation of the power distribution station, it has been running stably and reliably. It not only release the workers from the tedious manual operation, reducing the accident rate, and make the maintenance system and maintenance easy, quickly, in order to realize the scientific and accurate distribution management. Not only by the general operation of the electrical staff of the high praise, but also for the process and technical personnel to analyze and deal with the failure to provide a reliable technical information. ABB distribution intelligent components (IPD) in the application of the plant, greatly improving the level of automation and modernization of the plant.


4, the conclusion

On the basis of a large number of engineering applications, the distribution monitoring and management system has become mature in recent years, and has become an intelligent distribution monitoring and management system. Using the monitoring device to form a complete low-voltage distribution network information collection system, which provides a scientific and reliable decision-making basis for the power supply enterprise's power management, and its economic and social benefits are self-evident. This paper discusses the ABB distribution intelligent element (IPD) in the configuration scheme of the distribution system, not only in the textile industry, while the other has a certain promotion value of intelligent power distribution demanding industry.


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