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ABB will carry the world's first human-machine cooperative dual-arm robot YuMi Grand debut NEPCON South China 2015
Article Source:Reed Exhibitions group Update Time:2015-8-26

argin-left: 5.25pt"> August 2015 25-27, the twenty-first session of the Southern China international electronics manufacturing equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition (South China NEPCON 2015) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center held a grand. The exhibition covers: SMT surface mount technology, surface welding technology, electronic measurement and testing, electronic manufacturing automation (EMA), electronic manufacturing services (EMS), anti-static and new materials and other related latest technology and products.


Pavilion EMS (EMA), procurement center and the Shenzhen international circuit board Procurement Exhibition (Show CS) will focus on the current Chinese market the most advanced industrial automation technology and products in the electronic assembly of the solutions and the most comprehensive printed circuit board products and delivery services.


ABB will be held during the exhibition to bring the world's first man-machine cooperation robot YuMi grand debut, booth number: A-1F20, welcome to visit.

 /uploadpic/first human-machine cooperative dual-arm robot YuMi.jpg

As a humanized design of arm robot, YuMi small assembly automation applications into a new era. Workers and robots can live in harmony and work together to accomplish the same task. YuMi is the abbreviation of "you and me" in English, the new robot named YuMi reflects the human and machine can work together in an unprecedented way.


ABB was originally developed in order to meet the needs of the electronic consumer goods industry for flexible and flexible manufacturing, the future will gradually be used in more market areas, YuMi. More importantly, YuMi to remove the obstacles of man-machine cooperation, let the robot completely get rid of the shackles of the enclosure or enclosure. It uses level of intrinsically safe design, do not set the fence inclosure, not delimit the danger zone, both side by side with humans performing the same task, but also can ensure the surrounding regional security without the worry, is the world's first truly realize man-machine cooperation robot.


From the precise parts in mechanical watches to mobile phones, tablet computers and desktop computer parts processing, YuMi can to the precise of easy to deal with, even even threading a needle is a cinch. YuMi will change the nature of human's inherent in the process of manufacturing and industry, and lead the new era of industrial automation of human machine collaboration.


Abb is the main supplier of industrial robots, to the market to provide robot software, peripheral equipment, standard components manufacturing unit and service, to meet such as welding, handling, assembly, painting and polishing, picking, packing, stamp and stock market demand for the application of pile. Its main markets include automotive, plastics, metal processing, casting, electronics, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry.


Advanced ABB solutions is committed to helping manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and operation safety. Currently ABB has installed more than 300000 robots in the world.


25-27 August 2015, electron production in South China can not miss the manufacturing professional event Nepcon South China 2015, will be in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center to 37500 square meters hall gathered from 22 countries and regions, more than 450 top brands, concentrated display of electronic manufacturing, technical innovation and product innovation, more attractive from both at home and abroad more than 33000 professional audience gathered, the electric power production enterprises with a new look to meet challenges and transformation of the progress of science and technology brings.

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