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ABB helps the world's highest of high voltage direct current transmission project to improve power quality
Article Source: Update Time:2016-12-23

Beijing, March 16, 2016, more than 900 ABB high voltage power capacitor + 400 kv HVDC project in qinghai - Tibet expansion projects run successfully in the converter station in Lhasa. The transmission line average altitude of 4500 meters, is the world's highest HVDC project.


Qinghai - Tibet high-voltage direct current transmission project built by China's state grid company, has allocated about golmud converter station, the converter station in Tibet Lhasa, 1038 miles of line. Project since the construction of high-profile, is by far the world's highest power transmission and transformation project, has created a power to creat through the "roof of the world. The project along the alpine hypoxia and complex geological, tundra s, and fragile ecological environment, the construction technology and outer insulation of high voltage equipment performance are put forward higher requirements.

In this project, Lhasa converter station is responsible for converting + 400 kv dc 220 kv ac. ABB supplied by the 220 kv ac side of the capacitor installation in Lhasa station, through the reactive power compensation and filtering harmonic increase transmission capacity and stability of the transmission line. The capacitor with high voltage, large capacity, compact design, cover an area of an area small, etc, in everything from polar to tropical climate conditions for reliable operation. These products all adopt the integrated casing, and in the process of production process for special processing, such as vacuum, paint in response to a special operation environment of high altitude in Tibet.


In recent years, China's construction of key development several high-voltage dc transmission lines, in order to improve the capacity and efficiency of power grid. These lines will be the development of electric power energy distribution region long-distance transmission, low loss, meet the huge demand for power load center.


ABB pioneered as early as 60 years ago the high-voltage direct current transmission technology, and in the past 20 years has always been standing in the field of innovation. At present, the worldwide to participate in more than 110 ABB HVDC project, accounts for about half of the world has installed capacity. In China, ABB has been involved in 30 22 HVDC project construction of the project, to actively support the build safer, more efficient, more strong national power grid.


ABB is the world's leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology, is committed to helping the electric power, industry, transportation and infrastructure in areas such as customers, improve performance and reduce the impact on the environment. ABB group business all over the world nearly 100 countries, with 135000 employees. ABB in China has a research and development, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, such as a full range of business activities, 18000 employees, with 40 local companies and 147 cities across the country sales and service network.

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