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Mitsubishi FX series PLC master instruction (MC-MCR)

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-4-20

FX series <a instruction FX series Mitsubishi href="/searchfanan.html?search=PLC&select=7">PLC instruction FX series Mitsubishi has the basic logic instruction 20 or article 27, step by step instructions 2, function more than 100 (different series is different). This section FX2N as example, this paper introduces the basic logic instruction and step by step instructions and its application.


FX2N total of article 27 of the basic logic instruction, which contains some series PLC of article 20 of the basic logic instruction.


Master instruction (MC/MCR)


(1) the MC (master) for public series contact connection. After execution of MC, left the bus moved to the back of the MC contact.

(2) the MCR (master reset instructions) it is MC instructions of the reset, it is using MCR instructions to restore the original left the location of the bus.


In programming often appear such circumstance, will be more than one coil controlled by one or a set of contact at the same time, if in series with each coil in the control circuit of the same contact, will occupy a lot of storage cell, using the master commands can solve this problem. MC, use of MCR instructions as shown in figure 1, using the MC N0 M100 approximately achieve left the bus moves to the right, make under the control of X0 Y0, Y1, including N0 said nested class, in the absence of nested structure of N0 use of unlimited; Using the MCR N0 restore to the original state of busbar left. If X0 disconnect will skip the MC, instruction execution down between the MCR.


MC, MCR instruction manual:


1) MC, MCR instruction target element to Y and M, can't use a special auxiliary relay. The MC of three step procedure, MCR of two step process;

2) main contact in the ladder diagram and general contact vertical (as shown in figure 3 - the M100 approximately 22). Master contact is connected to the left bus normally open contacts, is a set of control circuit of the main switch. Linked to the master contact contact must use LD or LDI commands.

3) MC instruction input off contact, within a MC and MCR integrating timers, counters, element driven by the reset/setting commands its previous state. Integrating the timer and counter, components will be reset, driven by the OUT instruction as shown in figure 3-22 when X0 disconnect, Y0 and Y1 come OFF.

4) in a MC instructions area if we use the MC called nesting. Nested series up to magnitude 8, the serial number as N0, N1, N2 and N3 and N4 interchange - > N5 - N6 - N7 order increase, the return per level with corresponding MCR instruction, from the number of nesting level began to reset.


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