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Pro-face uses GLC to ensure an emergency backup system

Article Source:Pro-face China International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Publish Time:2016-11-3

When a fault occurs, how to ensure the normal operation GLC of GLC the workshop?


"In the poultry feed production plant, we have established a GLC as the control center of the working <a backup system href="/searchfanan.html?search=system&select=7">system. Pro-face Pro-face backup Pro-face system When backup system a standard PLC is working to control some of the additives and move the feed tank, if the main program for some reason malfunction, this program can be controlled by the GLC allows us to switch to manual operation. As soon as the entire system stops, the workers will have to wait a few hours until the production line and the system is restored. This GLC switching system allows us to avoid the emergence of such problems."


The backup system is now GLC control unit to replace the traditional small PLC.


"If we study this system, we can find that GLC's Pro-face is being used in some of the feed tanks controlled by PLC, especially in the process of feeding the feed to the bulk truck. System in the feeding area using 2 GLC, in the conveyor area with more than 2 GLC, each I/O with 20 devices can be connected to the GLC control terminal. Once the master control system appears, the control can be switched on to the GLC, through the GLC touch screen to select any operation mode you want. Compared to before, the original PLC control system is used to operate the dial and button."


Change is to adapt! We hope to create a flexible system to meet customer requirements.


"In fact, we take into account the adoption of GLC as a result of its convenient programming. So far, the information on the operation panel is not easy to change, so once the production line is changed. Such as BSE (BSE) this problem occurs, separated from the production line of pork and chicken and beef products to production line. And some of the special mixed feed requirements of beef cattle and cows are increasing every year. The amount of feed can also be increased accordingly, so the system should be changed regularly. So GLC helps us to design a system that is easy to change.


Using the GLC system, as long as the change of software through a simple modification can be achieved, greatly save we re design the whole operation panel of energy."


Bulk transport truck


The main tank of this car was divided into many small boxes, so you can also transport a variety of feed bags without respectively.


GLC integrated design makes it an ideal choice for emergency backup system.


"The system is designed to be an emergency, but we don't want him to be too complicated or interfere with the work of the main PLC. GLC's compact design allows us to set up a wide range, less wiring control network, and she set control and display as one of the design reduces the need for our unit parts. The wires are neatly lined up under the operating panel. At first, it was hard to imagine that a single GLC could control more than 20 devices."


Because we don't need to connect to the GLC's display and control unit, there's nothing to worry about. Our reliance on the backup system is still high, which is crucial. Because if your main system is out of the question, and the backup system is not working, it will be a very serious problem. Using this system, let us believe in a set of display and control in one of the advantages brought. GLC provides "integrated solutions" in the future to solve the problem is far more than these.


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