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Pro-face GP applications in pharmaceutical manufacturers and Research Center

Article Source:Pro-face international trading (Shanghai) company limited Publish Time:2016-8-24

Even in the air conditioning control <a pharmaceutical manufacturers applications Pro-face href="/searchfanan.html?search=system&select=7">system pharmaceutical manufacturers applications Pro-face has strict requirements of research institute in the laboratory, GP is also have room to work.

Here we will talk about Pro - face of GP in the pharmaceutical manufacturers research center of the application. The building has countless equipped with precision equipment laboratory. "We have to use all of our air conditioning control system technology to create all kinds of environments, including those that office, commercial, and public places. However, the environmental control is the most demanding medical equipment and laboratory. These places must have a stable environment condition in order to ensure accurate results. Especially for extremely accurate control indoor temperature and air pressure requirements. Of course, it is not only reach the level of professional air conditioning technology problem. Installation of the equipment, you must know about all the other things also have, such as the overall structure and design of the room. In other words, you must be able to control everything in the room. In each room entrance to install a GP touch-screen can meet the requirements of all.


Each room is equipped with a GP to strengthen centralized monitoring data acquisition system operation.

We choose the main reason for the GP - 2500 - t because it strengthens our control system, and provide us with more precise air conditioning control. Our entry in each room to install a GP, then connect it to the room is used to control the temperature, humidity, air pressure, air flow, brightness and PLC controlling for other factors. Just take a look at the GP, without having to open the door, we can detect everything inside the room, and, most likely to maintain the stability of the condition of the room.


Each room of GP units at the same time through the Ethernet connection of the control centre room in the PC, so that we can real-time tracking the situation of the room, such as temperature, pressure, etc. For example, if there is room door accidentally opened, there will be an alarm to remind us that thus minimizing the degree to which we are disturbed, greatly promote the control level of the laboratory environment.


Information platform system enables smooth circulation of clean room information.

GP unit for the user to create a platform for information systems. When what we have to inform the laboratory staff, we usually according to the emergency of the things to use the office phone or mobile phone. In a pneumatic control room, it is hard to hear phone ringing, besides the office telephone area is limited. So, no one in the telephone there will be a big problem. We have a mobile phone number, the ordinary mobile phone before into sterilization must be carefully.


Clean the room

Through strict limits on suspended particles flow, control room of air pollutants.

"Finally, we can only wait until someone from the lab, which greatly delayed the information communication. If we need to contact a person, we will eventually, but when we need to contact a few people at the same time, we must find a more effective way. A customer use display device used for sending text messages containing information system proposal reminds us.


Disinfection equipment

The device use UV rays, and other methods to remove all the items into the clean room of bacteria. He was like a door between indoor and outdoor.

Now, the company can instantly send up to 300 characters of information to any a GP, and, not least from master control room, any PC on the network can be sent. There is only one way to transmit information, that is the "information platform" GP, but the sender through state information (" read "or" unread ") distinguish between information have been reading, thus to prevent missed the information.


When everyone can use the system, the possibility of communication will continue to rise.

Because GP is often used instead of monitoring unit, in this way, not only system administrators and many other people also want to use them.

From this case we can see, the new concept of implant can make the system as a more effective information communication channels, to ensure timely get the information of the channel. The key lies in how to through the use of GP improve your communication.


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