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Pro-face uses IPC to adapt to production changes

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-6-23


Kotobukiya co., IPC changes Pro-face LTD. IPC changes Pro-face Is a famous Japanese automotive carpet manufacturers, in order to collect information such as production records, processing data, Kotobukiya chose Pro - face of PL - 6920 tablets through wireless local area network monitoring, and make full use of this information to expand the diversification of production capacity.


Increasing diversification of production information, make our previous use of hard disk, <a href="/searchfanan.html?search=system&select=7">system upgrade is increasingly urgent.


In the factory of Kotobukiya, we see the assembly line continuously produce enough to cover the whole length carpet car chassis. Responsible for system improvement Hisao Kadoi Mr Said: "these carpet not only big, and very thick, the increase of the thickness, mainly in order to prevent the car engine's noise incoming car."



Mr Kadoi explained: "because the production of automotive carpet thickening, so we need to upgrade the system in order to get the production data. Thicker cuts the number of carpet carpet means that every time we out of the factory, so you need to the corresponding reduction in the number of each production unit. At the same time, increasing the product category requires us to change the mode of production. Therefore, we need to create a production line, the more frequent and reduce the number of each production unit."



About seven years ago, Kotobukiya company installed the Hitachi HIP POP production information acquisition system, the computer transmission production data for the production manager, such as production, defective goods information and the production line running time. However, due to the production of various products vary with species is very big, a sharp increase in HIP POP data from the system ended up more than the hard disk capacity. Because of the hard disk can't save the data produced every day, the situation of the loss of data, which prompted Kotobukiya company established a set of new information acquisition system.


"We regret to find that we need a can adapt to changing a more flexible production system."


Before establishing the new system, Kotobukiya company soliciting the opinions of each participating producers. Grassroots workers say they need to be a better way to input data, and management requires a better search function, so that you can use more search criteria to complete more advanced information search. These views show that the new system need flexible response to changes in production conditions.


To install the system carpet production workshop is full of fiber dust, everyone has to face mask. This creates a problem, that is, multi-purpose personal computer is able to work in this environment and reliable. Recall the original selection is applied in the right system, the environment, "says Mr Kadoi we enjoyed the versatility of multi-purpose personal computers, but we know that only a special system for the factory able to work in such an environment safe.


Kotobukiya company finally chose Pro - face reliable industrial plate type computer.



Industrial plate type computer is special designed for industrial production, so they can afford some very harsh environment, such as chemical fiber dust in the air, but also solved the problem of the hard disk capacity is not enough. We just need to have some basic knowledge of VB, can easily achieve their needs, and even if the production environment change frequently, this system still to cope. After we installed a demo application, the system clear and large screen and high processing capacity left a deep impression on us, at the same time in production line at the grass-roots level is also very popular. These reasons that we chose the tablet computer Pro - face this industry.

After discussing with production department constantly, Kotobukiya company has established the system, it can be used than before equipment to provide more detailed information. For example, when there was a problem in production line, the operator can be selected from pre-existing 35 error code one as what went wrong input system; Similarly, entering one of 13 code can also be used to determine the cause of the production line stop. System can be detailed, real-time information transmission of the scene to the manager's computer, not only can such as the old system according to production line, but also provide detailed reasons for such problems, therefore, operators can take timely and appropriate action to correct.


In order to improve the system performance, adding features to better communication.


Kotobukiya company has established a set of wireless local area network (LAN), in order to better play to the effect of the system. Mr Kadoi said: "in some production line, we want to change the layout for two to three times a day. So, cancelled all cables for the time we save a large amount of rewiring. At this point, the wireless local area network (LAN) is very effective. In the future, we are on the production line workers use to add a notice board screen in function, and further modify the system, let the operator can see to graphical display of the production process." Kotobukiya company plans to expand the system in the function of receiving and transmitting information. In a nutshell, Kotobukiya company a variety of functions of these industrial tablet computer has a high level of expectations and flexibility.





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