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Total solution for printing machine based on OMRON systems

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-9-7

the introduction

Paper printing machine OMRON printing printing machine OMRON machine is a kind of commonly used type printing machine industry, the control precision of the machine, the response time of the servo has high demands, before mainly depend on import, the cost of investment is larger. In recent years, with the programmable controller (PLC) in communication function and high speed counter, and more perfect of pulse output function, increasing performance and makes the PLC + servo + inverter, touch screen of the whole system on the printing machine application possible. Many domestic manufacturers have developed their own paper printing machines, the prosperity of domestic printing machine market, strong to resist the invasion of foreign brands, to consolidate the market position of domestic printing machine, and on the performance are getting better. Yantai, a manufacturer of printing machinery manufacturers entrust Shanghai development based on Siemens S7-200 PLC + panasonic servo teck touch screen + + sea taian inverter system solutions for its low cost, stable system configuration wins the favor of customers, and achieved good results, but there are also many problems, such as system debug cycle time is long, printing speed is low, must change speed defects such as power outages, in the mixed a fine watch, later with Syria. Judged by yantai, yantai factorial ding tai electrical automation engineering co., LTD., in the process of visit and visit customers to understand these problems after, through the collective analysis, finally established the overall solution based on OMRON system, in order to reduce and improve the defect of the original system and improve the performance of the machine, and eventually decided to programming and debugging work by me, I had the opportunity to cooperate with customers, to develop more advanced printing machine electric control system.


Second, the control process and the existing problems

The control process of original paper printing machine is this: by a main motor drag press roller single direction and main motor adopts frequency converter for wide scope of speed control, main motor shaft is equipped with rotary encoder is used to measure the speed of the spindle motor; By a solenoid to control the cylinder pressure and pressure. In pressure situations, printing roller compaction instrument; Use paper servo control of feed speed, so that the linear velocity of the servo motor and linear velocity of spindle motor. When the servo motor speed is greater than the speed of the spindle motor, close after the pressure between the roller and the servo motor will be pile of paper, when the speed of the servo motor is smaller than the speed of the spindle motor, pressure after the paper will be broke, the above two cases in the process of the system to work normally is not allowed, the speed of the servo motor and spindle motor must be maintained. System work before the first start the inverter, inverter speed stability after printing button, start rotating servo motor, the pressure solenoid valve is pressure, rotary encoder, such as the first number Z believe come, immediately press, start the printing. Printing process is as follows: first of all, on a touch screen to set the size of the paper, after arrival at each Z believe, servo immediately forward rotating set size + 2 "distance, then reverse rotation 2 inches, to ensure that the paper length and tension balance. If you want to stop, press the stop button, to immediately stop servo motor running.

The whole system to manual and automatic, inching and alarm functions, to facilitate maintenance, beautiful and practical touchscreen interface requirements.


Three, the transformation type

Take over this project, I immediately, on the analysis of the characteristics of the original system and leave some leeway for later upgrade under the premise of the decision chooses OMRON cost-effective CP1H - X40CDT models. This PLC is equipped with 40 I/O points, 24 of input, output 16 points, with 2 two-way road 100 KHZ high-speed counter input, 2 two-way road 30 KHZ high-speed counter input, 4-way two-way high-speed pulse output 100 KHZ, can not only meet the requirements of the current servo motor, also for the development of four-color printing press after leaving enough space, make the follow-up development work easier.


After established the model of PLC, choose according to the requirements of the spindle motor servo system, compared the several servo system, finally chose the OMRON SMARTSTEP A servo system. The servo system is easy to operate, even take over the person also can very quickly for the first time, high cost performance, in small capacity of the servo system has extremely high competitiveness, fully meet the requirements of the spindle motor.

Spindle motor due to the need to speed, and is a three-phase asynchronous motor, from the energy saving and reliable and economical said only by frequency control of motor speed, the selection of OMRON 3 g3mv series of 1.5 KW inverter. The inverter has the communication function, support function block of OMRON, PID regulating function, high cost performance.



Practice proved: OMRONPLC touch-screen servo + + printer system solutions of frequency converter is completely feasible, stable and reliable system, low cost, beautiful and friendly interface, complete functions, can be in the production process through the touch screen operation, deceleration, and view the alarm, facilitate maintenance equipment, thus increased the flexibility of the system, the system after the success of the development, by the unanimous favorable comment of customer, has great market value.



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