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Application of MITSUBISHI domestic PLC in boiler equipment
SYSTEM structure There are two combustion modes for a boiler, 1, fuel The switch is controlled by a PLC fan operation, booster ignition, oil solenoid valve, open and close monitor of photo

How to use OMRON PLC to realize remote electric quantity collection
SYSTEM has attracted more and more attention in the power sector. The use of Modem and computer, the use of public telephone network for remote control, not only can be very convenient to achieve cont

ABB AC variable frequency speed control in the application SYSTEM of hoist pump control
SYSTEM of hoist pumping station, the original open-loop control to achieve closed-loop control, level control, inhibition of pump frequent starting, overcoming the defects of the original system.

The application of MITSUBISHI Q PLC in the double color gravure printing machine
SYSTEM, PLC system, touch screen and other FA products. At the same time, according to different products, there will be different requirements, the use of FA products are also different. 2 d

Pro-face uses GLC to ensure an emergency backup SYSTEM
SYSTEM. When a standard PLC is working to control some of the additives and move the feed tank, if the main program for some reason malfunction, this program can be controlled by the GLC allows us to

Cement production line control SYSTEM based on AC500 ABB series PLC
SYSTEM, the system is equipped with an air separator used to separate the particles according to the size of the cement, the ground material is not completely re sent through the system. 3 de

Application of MITSUBISHI PLC in wire rope type grille decontamination machine on
SYSTEM with FX1N -40MR type of Japanese Mitsubishi Co production of programmable controller (I/O input 28, output 18 points), with proximity switch (induction distance of 5mm and l0mm) and FDU81 type

Application of ABB power distribution intelligent component (IPD) in textile industry
SYSTEM in textile industry has caught up with the developed countries in the world. The major equipment and engineering projects have basically achieved the automation of DCS systems and process contr

Application of Pro-face touch screen in bus
SYSTEM, and at the same time can be in the field operation. First, the foreword Pro-face is the world's first manufacturer of touch screen manufacturers, in the field of human computer int

Total solution for printing machine based on OMRON SYSTEMs
SYSTEM on the printing machine application possible. Many domestic manufacturers have developed their own paper printing machines, the prosperity of domestic printing machine market, strong to resist

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