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Application of Omron PLC in the automatic tension controller

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-6-7

1 Introduction


Programmable tension controller PLC Omron controller tension controller PLC Omron as the increase of its functions and peripheral interface module, the application is more and more widely in industrial control occasions, will gradually replace some special equipment in industrial control, so that the control system of lower cost, smaller, control mode is easy to change. The function of PLC is very strong, in addition to the logic operation can complete complex mathematical operation and improve the ability of communication, the realization of the function of the super automatic tension control with PLC can reduce the complexity of the system, improve system performance.

Were introduced in this paper in a foreign capital enterprise wide six color transfer printing machine in the process of transformation, using omron CPM2A count and rolling device to replace analog output function of the application of automatic tension controller.





  1. CPM2A programmable controller


CPM2A is a compact, high speed programmable controller, in a small unit has a variety of performance, including the synchronous pulse control, high speed counter input and interrupt, position control pulse output and analog setting, interval timer interrupt and clock function, and improve communication ability, etc. CPM2A the basic unit of 20, 30, 40 or 60 points I/O port, there are three kinds of output way optional (relay output, output transistor leakage and source transistor output) and two power optional (100/240 v AC or DC 24 v). CPM2A can be extended external I/O unit and analog I/O unit, CPM1A - DA041 is a four channel analog output unit, the analog output voltage and current, the scope of its output signal can completely satisfy the requirements of industrial control, and the output terminal with optical coupling isolation between with the internal circuit.


  1. winder tension control principle


Transfer printing machine printing quality, totally depends on volume and winding tension control, the machine before the renovation is the manual tension control, the yield is low, the product quality completely depends on the proficiency of the workers, so the PLC control in whole transformation process, is also part of tension control, along with all the in order to reduce the modification cost, choose the omron CPM2A - 60 CDR type - D programmable controller and CPM1A - DA041 analog output module control system.


Automatic tension control purpose is to control the linear velocity of certain printing paper movement, accordingly, when feeding shaft rotate one circle


In d2 and P of the known number, therefore, d1, changes can be made of the calculation of the Pn obtained so I can convert it into 4 ~ 20 ma analog output, to the amplifier is used to control the clutch, brakes, motor, in order to get the proper tension


According to the above principle to omron CPM2A - 60 programmable controller and the analog output expansion unit CPM1A - DA041 as center control unit, the decoder detection measure the speed of the wheel, the proximity switch to detect the speed of the feeding volume, through the calculation using CPM1A - DA041 output analog signal to control the clutch to achieve the purpose of constant


  1. software flow control


Based on linear velocity, such as tension control principle and the results of the analysis and control system wiring diagram above, in order to realize the tension control will be close to 00004 set to switch input interrupt input (counting mode), decoder input 00003 set to count mode, through dial before the encoder input P values (d2 values are fixed, are set in the program), and the value of the Pn and analog output 4 ~ 20 ma (0000 ~ 1770 hex), namely output calibration


  1. concluding remarks


This system was put into operation reliable operation in recent years, to greatly improve the product quality, has achieved good economic benefits.


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